Great Clips of the Week: Atlanta’s ‘Freeze’ is the latest internet sensation

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But this weekend changed into marked with the aid of a deep freeze.

Here are some of our favorite clips from the week, such as a ‘Freezing’ race in Atlanta and a brain freeze in Memphis.

‘The Freeze’ does it once more
In among the Braves’ win over the Mets in Atlanta, one grounds crewman assumed his still-unbeaten regulate ego through hard a fan to a foot race.

internet sensation

“The Freeze” has ended up a budding celebrity in Atlanta circles. However, he rose to countrywide stardom this weekend whilst video of him defeating a mild-mannered fan — who beat his chest after taking a two-hundred-meter, hand-delivered lead at the warning track — went viral Friday night time.” The Freeze” is likewise 26-yr-old Nigel Talton of Fort Valley, Georgia, who ran music at Iowa Wesleyan and Shorter University before taking a task with the Braves in 2012. Now he helps generally tend the stadium — and humiliates fans together with his blue spandex healthy, ski goggles, and Usain Bolt-like velocity. Read about the internet superhero in this Washington Post profile.

We love everything approximately this story. But it wasn’t the best “bloodless” spell suffered this weekend.

Memphis child goes deep for Icee chugging contest
Do you suspect you’re aggressive?

Compared to at least one younger fan at a Triple-A Memphis Redbirds game Saturday, you’re now not.

During a between-innings Icee chugging contest, one younger fan taunted his competitor together with his capability to fast swallow inordinate amounts of cold liquids. Rest up, young baseball fan. But don’t get cocky.

MJ sets some other record
Michael Jordan set some other record Sunday morning.

His Airness’ Converse shoes from the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, when Jordan helped America defeat Spain, had been auctioned for $one hundred ninety,373.Eighty-two through SCP Auctions.


The footwear was the closing legit footwear Jordan wore as a beginner basketball player, and he gave them to an 11-yr-antique ball boy who was given them signed within the locker room after the gold-medal sport. The preceding file bid for legendary products came from a $104,765 bid for Jordan’s Nike shoes worn in Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals, also referred to as “the flu game.” Do you take into account that recreation, Utah Jazz fanatics?

It’s OK; neither do we.

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