Autism Manifests Differently in Boys and Girls: Unique Signs to Look for

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Autism is a complicated developmental disability that persists through the lifespan of the individual. It manifests in early childhood. People with autism will have difficulty with their social skills, communication, and self-regulation. Certain sets of behaviors define autism, and it can affect people differently and to varying degrees. While the cause of autism remains unknown, early diagnosis helps a person receive autism support and services crucial to their adjustment.


Autism in Boys

  • Boys are more likely to develop autism compared to girls.
  • Some autistic behaviors manifest as repetitive and restricted behaviors and are commonly exhibited by boys.
  • Boys are more likely to avoid people and isolate themselves.
  • Boys tend to be diagnosed earlier than girls who exhibit mild forms of autism.
  • According to reports, boys are more disruptive in school, so they often get the teacher’s attention and get diagnosed sooner than more withdrawn girls.

Autism in Girls

  • There is growing evidence suggesting girls diagnosed with autism will require an extreme genetic mutation compared to boys.
  • Autism manifests differently in girls; because of this, it often goes undiagnosed.
  • Teachers often do not realize the symptoms of autism in girls compared to clinical professionals and parents.
  • Girls can get misdiagnosed since most of the diagnostic features are based on how it manifests in males.
  • Overall, girls do not display restrictive and repeated behaviors as boys.
  • However, these restrictive and repetitive behaviors do manifest but go unnoticed, such as collecting dolls obsessively. It is often mistaken as pretend play.
  • Compared to boys, girls diagnosed with autism are better at controlling their feelings.
  • In terms of social abilities, girls diagnosed with autism exhibit behavior typical to developing boys rather than typical girls or boys diagnosed with autism.

Autism in Adulthood

  • In some cases, autism may not be diagnosed until an individual reaches adulthood.
  • Autism is not exclusive to children since these children will soon grow into adults.
  • Autism can lead to isolation in both the individual with autism and their families. It can lead to mental health problems.
  • There is no known cure for autism, but autism support and intervention can greatly impact the individual’s quality of life.
  • Because of insufficient support, at least one in three adults with autism will experience serious mental health issues.

Autism Treatment

  • Proven psychosocial interventions such as behavioral treatment and skills training programs can minimize the challenges of autistic people in communicating and social behavior.
  • This support and services greatly enhance the quality of life of the person.
  • Many children diagnosed with autism also improve from interventions such as therapy for speech and occupational therapy.
  • Intensive intervention done early can enhance the well-being of individuals diagnosed with autism.
  • Early and intensive intervention can provide the optimal development of individuals with autism.
  • During the intervention program, the child’s progress should be monitored regularly via maternal and child health care services.
  • Interventions for autism are complex and incorporate varied techniques.
  • The most effective is applied behavior analysis. Therapies based on their theories are also effective. This intervention is the most researched and successful behavioral intervention for individuals with autism.
  • It is ideal for personalized interventions and factors in the individual’s specific needs and learning styles.
  • Overall, it is known that individualized interventions will have the best results.

Autistic people must get the support and services needed to help them lead a quality life. Some individuals with autism can manage their life well and can perform self-care and other crucial daily tasks. More than ever, early diagnosis and intervention are vital. Parents, clinicians, and teachers should be aware of how autism manifests differently in boys and girls.

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