4 Effective Tips for Drain Cleaning

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Everyone has experienced strange, unpleasant odors from the drain and the situations when the water starts taking a little longer to drain off. These are the common warning signs of a clogging drain, which results in water backing up the pipes and interrupting your daily life when not given due attention. Regular drain cleaning is a must if you don’t want to mess up your drains every other day and affect your entire plumbing system’s efficiency in the home. So, here are some proven effective tips to help you with drain cleaning this season.

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Keep an Eye on Greasy and Oily Substances

While it is wonderful to cook those delicious oily dishes in your kitchen, it is never a sensible act to throw the leftover oil straight down the drains. The grease and oil tend to build up within the pipes and harden over a period of time. This jams the drainage pipe, making it impossible for other types of wastage to flow through easily. Hence, it is best to collect the waste oil in a container and dump it in a garbage bin instead.

Install Drain Strainers

The kitchen and shower drain tends to create a major part of the problem. Soap residue, broken hair strands, and other food particles become highly troublesome when they make their way into the drains and clog them badly. Due to this, it is advised to always use strainers on the drain surface that can restrict the unwanted items to flow into the pipes. You can easily clean the strainers from time to time.

Refrain from Using Chemical Cleaners

Many people resort to strong chemical cleaners to eliminate the undesired things getting stuck in the pipes. However, they may not realize that these strong substances are really harmful to the pipe materials and would eat them away totally. Not only this, the cleaners loaded with chemicals are extremely hazardous for human health and can cause unimaginable harm when exposed to body parts. Therefore, try considering organic cleaners instead.

Use the Hot Water Trick

Sometimes a hot water cleaning is all that you need to fix your clogged and dirty drains. The force and heat of hot water unclog the build-up material in the pipes and remove the pungent smell of accumulated dirt inside. This drastically brings back the messed up drains back to their optimal performance. Flushing your drain with hot water is simple and effective and gives you the desired results without spending much.

How can Saving Plumbing Help you?

At Saving Plumbing, we deploy high-efficient drain cleaning techniques that can fix even the meatiest obstructions. Our expert plumbers eliminate all your drain problems in a snap of time and give you the guarantee of 100% successful results. We aim to be your most trusted neighborhood plumbers and provide you with valuable services. Our wide spectrum of services includes Residential and Commercial Plumbing services, Drain Services, Leaking Pipe Repairs, Tree Root Removal, and many more.

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