5 Important Questions To Ask From Your Bathroom Remodelling Contractor

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Bathroom remodeling is an essential way to improve your house’s look and create a space where you can comfortably relax. But it doesn’t look as easy as it sounds. I am sure you do not want to start all by yourself, creating a disaster out of it. Why not hire a bathroom remodeling contractor? Hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor can be a bit scary, especially when you want to get it renovated for the very first time. It can leave you in confusion about which contractor to hire? Do they have the required skill? We have listed some questions that can help you hire the right bathroom remodeling contractor:

Hiring a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor | Sea Pointe

1) For how long he has been in the business?

Remodeling a living area is simpler than remodeling a bathroom because it involves various factors such as plumbing, heating, and water-proofing, to name a few. If they are not done correctly, they can lead to severe problems such as leakages, clogging of pipes, and mold growth that can cause health issues. It is better to consider someone who specializes in bathroom remodeling and someone familiar with all sorts of problems that can occur.

2) Can he put you in touch with the clients?

An experienced contractor will never procrastinate or make excuses to provide you with references that can give you testaments on how the contractor delivered his job. Getting in touch with his previous clients can help you determine if they did their job with perfection or not. Make sure to ask his previous clients as many questions as you can when you meet them. Do not hire a contractor who cannot put you in touch with the previous clients he had worked for.

3) Do they have a license?

In some states, bathroom remodelling contractors don’t need a license, but if your bathroom remodelling involves working with electrical and plumbing systems, then they need to have one. License is necessary only because it shows that the contractor is professional and reliable. But apart from their licensing, it is important to find out if the contractor has a good record or not.

4) Do they offer a warranty on their services and products?

Most homeowners think that hiring a contractor is enough; they will handle the rest of the work while you can sit back and relax. Most of them don’t know whether the products they are using and the services they are rendering are under warranty or not? So make sure to know the warranty of the products and services they will provide before you hire them. Otherwise, you will have to deal with repairing and replacing problems.

5) Are permits needed for the renovation?

Bathroom renovations can be small or on a large scale, so it is always better to ask the contractor if required before they start. If yes, then getting permits will involve more paperwork, and more people will be included. Thus you are more protected if something wrong happens during the entire renovations project.

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