4 Major Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

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Bathrooms are, unfortunately, the most ignored area of every home. Many people don’t understand the consequences of overlooking the simple repairs, leading to costly renovations and remodeling.

Just like renovating other house areas, deciding on remodeling your old bathroom is no less than a challenge. It calls for wise decision making capability along with extensive planning done beforehand.

4 Major Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid 1

The average remodeling costs range anywhere from $10000 to $30000, depending on the design and materials you choose. Hence, it is of vital importance that every penny spent should be worth it.

Here are some common renovation mistakes made by people and how you can avoid them –

Mistake 1: Avoiding Usage/Installation of Bathroom Fans

Turning a blind eye to installing a bathroom fan is a huge mistake. People often overlook the importance of having a fan or exhaust in a bathroom or bothering to clean them if they have.

Not using a fan in the bathroom or not cleaning it often hampers air ventilation and leads to a build-up of excess humidity on the surfaces and walls. The moisture affects the paint and causes the formation of mildew along with other harmful bacteria.

Solution: Make sure you run the fan for at least 10-15minutes after you step out of the shower to reduce the effect of condensation and prevent the ceiling from bubbling.

Mistake 2: No Window in the Bathroom

This is another blunder committed by people. Not having a window in the bathroom or keeping it always covered with curtains and blinds restricts the ventilation and natural light, which is extremely crucial to keep your bathroom healthy.

The windows’ position depends on the structure of your house and the level of air circulation you want to maintain.

Solution: Place a window on the exterior wall of the bathroom to aid in air ventilation. You can also use solar tubes to achieve this objective.

Mistake 3: Lack of Planning

Many people believe that they will figure out things as they go along and skip the stage of deriving a well-thought remodeling plan. This becomes a recipe for disaster.

The whole layout, including the position of doors and windows and the design of showers and bathtubs, has to be considered before starting the demolition of the old bathroom and converting it into a new one.

Solution: Always have a plan in place before you start with the remodeling. Create a rough sketch of how you expect your new bathroom to look like, or consult a professional to assist you.

Mistake 4: Setting an Unrealistic Budget

Everybody wants the best of both worlds, so is in the case of bathroom designs. However, everything comes at a certain cost and has to be pre-decided before starting the bathroom remodeling.

Setting out to plan for the designs and products that don’t fit your budget range is a sheer act of stupidity that will either not yield the desired results or cause an unnecessary burden on your shoulders.

Solution: Have a careful look at your finances and calculate the budget. Pen down all your expenses in detail and match them with your budget range. Opt-out the lavish options and focus only on mandatory things.

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