The list of travel offers on credit card payment by SC to ease up your lifestyle

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As we all know, a credit card payment offers a pool of benefits. When it comes to travel benefits, there are a lot of companies that offer great perks. One can get access to mind-blowing offers on credit card payments. Standard Chartered offers plenty of credit cards that allow you to get a better transaction experience. This also includes their travel credit cards, which bring a range of benefits for the users. The band called Yatra Platinum Credit Card is a card offered by the band specially designed for frequent travelers who can get the best rewards, cash back, and more. Yatra Platinum Credit Card provides you with lots of rewards whenever you are traveling. In addition to that, if you book from and use this card for making the payment, then you can get additional rewards in the form of cashback and more. This credit card payment offers amazing discounts, even on small payments.

The list of travel offers on credit card payment by SC to ease up your lifestyle 1

Get the best travel benefits with SC credit cards. SOURCE:

Here are some of the top credit card payment offers that will help in making your lifestyle a bit more enjoyable:

  • With the Yatra Platinum Credit card’s help, you can avail of up to 10 percent cash back on travel. However, you must make the booking via only. Also, there are no restrictions whatsoever on the frequency of the cashback that a user can avail.
  • Yatra Platinum credit card payment offers 4x rewards on You can earn the 4x reward points even on a minimum payment of INR 100. The condition remains the same for this as well: you need to make the payment on However, if you are not comfortable with that, then you get the option to earn double the rewards points for all other expenditures of INR 100.
  • When it comes to welcome gifts, Standard Chartered has always been popular for providing exciting offers. If you are signing up for a Standard Chartered Yatra Platinum credit card, you will be provided with a welcome gift for travel vouchers. The vouchers mentioned above are worth INR 4,000 and can be used within 60 days of card setup on
  • Yatra Platinum’s credit card payment offers waivers on the cancellation fee as well. For instance, if you have booked a ticket or room from and now you have changed your plans, you can get waivers on cancellation fees. This scheme is applied to all kinds of booking made via
  • If you prefer to travel via road in your own vehicle, you can also enjoy benefits on fuel surcharge waivers. You can get a one percent of fuel surcharge waiver on every fuel purchase transaction.
  • If you are willing to opt for the Standard Chartered Good Life program under the Yatra Platinum credit card, then you can take the benefits of a plethora of rewards and discounts across shopping, dining, travel, and more.

Other benefits:

  • You can get a massive discount of up to INR 1,000 every Thursday on SpiceJet flights. On one-way trips, you can get an instant discount of INR 500 by spending a minimum of INR 3,000. However, when it comes to two-way trips, you can avail a massive discount of INR 1,000 by spending a minimum amount of INR 5,000.
  • You will also get access to priority check-in with dedicated priority counters of SpiceJet. You can simply book your tickets with the help of an SC credit card and jump the queue.
  • You will also be getting five percent cashback in India at all the fuel stations with the help of a Super Value Titanium credit card.
  • If you prefer to travel in cabs, then with an SC card, you can get 15 percent cash back on Ola cabs. The maximum cashback that a person can earn is INR 600. However, the minimum spending per month required is INR 15,000.
  • A special offer has been released by SC, which is valid till 30 April 2020, where you can enjoy exciting offers on tour packages to Sri Lanka.
  • The interest rates charged by SC are much lower when compared to any other company.
  • With this credit card, you can save a huge amount of money on phone bills, fuel, flight tickets, utility bills, and more. One can earn lots of rewards and coupons if they use a credit card for their expenses.

A travel credit card can be a great tool for someone who loves to travel a lot and wants to save some money from the trips. You can enjoy lots of benefits and almost save half the amount on total trip expenses. Standard Chartered Bank is one of India’s oldest international banks and is quite popular owing to its quality service and innovative products. They ensure to offer the best possible experience for their consumers.

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