6 Common Garage Door Repair Problems

6 Common Garage Door Repair Problems

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Do you feel clueless when your garage door system is damaged and needs repair? Usually, the garage door mechanism is pretty complicated, and pointing out the problem for a normal household turns out to be a big challenge. In such a situation, the repair service agency might charge you extravagantly for a relatively small repair. Thus, it becomes important to know about the main parts and their repair cost estimates to control such expenditure. This would make you self-dependent to make small repairs on your own and help you explain to the professional repair agency about the problem over the phone or email. Fanz Live

Opener replacement

When the garage door’s technology becomes outdated, it is advised to change the door for increased security. The garage doors’ opener might get damaged, and a professional could advise you if it should be repaired or changed completely. Repairing it could save you a few bucks, but if the technology and the opener mechanism are outdated, it is better to replace them.

Unsafe Kick

One-piece garage doors are a thing of the past now. They can easily be hacked and thus becomes insecure for your vehicle and property. It is not advised to shell money to repair such kick out garage doors and let the professionals replace them.


The worn-out rollers

The garage door track and the rollers might be under a lot of tension and wear out after some time. The garage door might start pulling itself on its own because of the damaged spring. The movement of the garage door becomes stiff if the track gets bent or broken. Such problems would need you to consult a professional repair agency before taking any action.

The Noisy problem

In many metal garage doors, this problem could arise due to a lack of lubrication. Other times the problem might be more severe. The worn-out rollers might need replacement after constant use over time. The resistance offered by the movement of the door could be the cause of the problem. Thus, rollers with low resistance have to be chosen over other cheap plastic rollers to make the system in your garage more long-lasting.

Remote system

It is preferable to use garage doors, which can be controlled through remote systems. On pushing the button sometimes, there might be a delayed or no response from the garage door. This could be pointing out faulty sensors in the garage door, which usually work on the pressure systems. Thus, the sensors might give wrong information and completely stop the opening and closing of the garage door.

Faulty gear

Multiple times the gears in the opener might not work properly because of their deteriorated condition over time. The hatch might refuse to move because of a worn-out opener. From the movement of the chain to the mechanical working of the garage door, the whole mechanism depends on such gears. Hence, it becomes imperative to understand such a problem and communicate it to the professionals.

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