Don’t dump gadgets, recycle them: 40 Mumbai societies show to do it, collect 700kg of e-waste

Don’t dump gadgets, recycle them: 40 Mumbai societies show to do it, collect 700kg of e-waste

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As the town struggles to eliminate its electronic waste (e-waste) competently, 40 housing societies and two educational institutes from Chembur, Sion, and Matunga accrued and recycled 700kg of e-waste over the last two weeks to mark World Environment Day.

The institution Eco-Rox and A data Trust, which runs a welfare center for senior citizens in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Navi Mumbai, performed the e-waste series power from the closing week of May to June five. It encouraged residents not to send their e-waste to dumping grounds because it contains poisonous ingredients that may contaminate the soil, water, and air.

“Citizens have given a totally encouraging reaction hold the environment smooth,” stated Harsha Mehta, president of Eco-Rox. “We went door-to-door to sensitize citizens and college students.”

The NGO positioned collection containers out of doors various housing societies, along with Avanti Apartments in Matunga, Karmakshetra and Seva Samiti housing complexes in Sion, and Navdurga Apartments, Dear House and Sabari Ashiana flats in Chembur. Similarly, e-waste became also collected from Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Chembur and Guru Nanak College of Arts, Science & Commerce in Sion-Koliwada.

Don’t dump gadgets, recycle them: 40 Mumbai societies show to do it, collect 700kg of e-waste 1

“The 700kg e-waste become exceeded over to a private recycling agency at Tarapur,” said Rashmi Joshi, joint secretary, Eco-Rox. “The institution segregates the waste into metals and returns it to industries.”

The housing societies gathered broken digital items inclusive of batteries, wires, chargers, headphones, mobiles, computers, printers, tv sets, fridges, and cameras. “This drive is just the start as the city has to head a protracted way to lessen its e-waste,” stated Kamlesh Mehta, the resident of Karmakshetra housing complex, who participated within the power. “If e-waste is segregated and accumulated one by one, it’s going to shop the metropolis from air pollutants, groundwater infection and additionally fires at dumping grounds.”

“There wish to be extra such drives inside the metropolis and greater participation from residents. It simplest allows create consciousness approximately unwell-outcomes to our fitness,” stated Ela Thakur, the president of Navdurga Society, Chembur.




HT had pronounced on May 19 that a mean Mumbaiite produces seven instances the amount of digital waste as compared to an average Indian. E-waste incorporates unsafe substances such lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and barium, that may damage human, animal and plant life if not disposed of properly.

According to the examine by means of NASSCOM Foundation, a non-earnings organization, India’s 1,240 million human beings generate 1.85 million tons (MT) of e-waste each year, this means that on a median, someone contributes 1.Forty-nine kg. Mumbai’s 12.4 million citizens (2011 census) produce 1,20,000 tons of e-waste, which translated int

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