4 Ways Millennials Have Eased the Stress of Wedding Planning

4 Ways Millennials Have Eased the Stress of Wedding Planning

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Millennials may have a bad reputation for being overly sensitive to daily life stressors, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t doing something about it.

When it comes to wedding planning, a significantly stressful time for anyone who has taken that walk down the aisle, millennials are really changing the game and taking some of the stress out of wedding planning, thanks in part to some high-tech tools.

Here are four ways millennials have eased the stress of wedding planning.

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1. Planning Assistance

When people are increasingly spending more time on their mobile devices than on computers, it’s no surprise that this trend is also influencing how millennials are planning weddings. From researching venues and vendors to organizing a budget and creating a wedding registry, mobile devices have become a key component to helping engaged couples plan details of their wedding anytime or anywhere when they have downtime.

Wedding planning apps like WeddingHappy help minimize the stress of juggling to-do items, vendor details, and payment information. With this streamlined app, you can get a clear picture of the entire wedding planning process from start to finish, with automated reminders along the way to ensure everything is executed smoothly promptly.

While some couples opt to hire a professional to handle the wedding planning, this can be a costly convenience. A new trend with budget-conscious millennials is to hire a day-of planner who will coordinate all the vendors, setup, decor, and other details on your big day. This way, the wedding party can focus on getting ready, being in the moment, and enjoying the day instead of dealing with last-minute hiccups and setting up vendor payment at the end of the night.

2. Digital Vendors

Many millennial couples are opting to use digital vendors instead of the traditional brick-and-mortar shops. You can get custom-designed stationery online for your save-the-date cards and invitations and even create a coordinating wedding website in a matching motif to provide more wedding details and track RSVPs digitally.

Additionally, many brides are skipping the salon on their wedding day in favor of hiring stylists and makeup artists using on-demand beauty apps like Priv, TheGlamApp, and Glamsquad.

When it comes to registering for gifts, many couples skipped the in-store experience instead of registering on websites like Amazon and Amazing Registry. Other couples are forgoing the traditional registry altogether in favor of alternative registry options like Honeyfund and Feather the Nest.

3. Elopements with a Modern Twist

The destination wedding trend shows no sign of slowing down. Many find it to be the ideal way to have a dream wedding on a small budget. Friends and family are more understanding of guest list restrictions when the event is a plane ride away. Many couples find that they end up feeling less obligated to include everyone they would if hosting a local wedding. A shorter guest list leaves you more money to spend on important details, making the big day all the more memorable and less stressful.

4. Prep for the Big Day on a “Solomon.”

While some brides and grooms opt for a destination bachelorette or bachelor party, there’s an emerging trend to forgo those costly events altogether and instead take a vacation on your own. This trip, called a Solomon, is somewhat of a honeymoon with yourself to decompress, recharge and mentally prepare for the big day.

Many are spending their “Solomon” at an ashram, wellness retreat, or a new city on their own. The found solitude can be a great way to help center you to embark on the wedding with a fresh perspective and an open heart.

Your wedding should be something that you cherish, not something you look back on with regret. By getting wedding planning assistance, using digital vendors, keeping the guest list small with a destination wedding, and taking a solo trip before the big day to relax, you can take a lot of the stress out of wedding planning and maximize your enjoyment of the journey to the altar.

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