Tina Fey, John Oliver featured in hilarious ‘Billy on the Street’ montage

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The need for fun?

Actor/comic Billy Eichner has “for the primary time ever” released a montage of his favored prize giveaways from his hit sports show collection “Billy on the Street” with the assist of some familiar faces. The as it should be titled video, “Billy at the Street’s Insane, Extraordinary Prizes,” become placed on the series’ legit YouTube web page Monday and shows off a few bizarre gifts hand-crafted by way of the display’s artwork department, according to its video description. Upper Darby’s Tina Fey got a kick out of the marionettes modeled after the solid of Amazon’s “Transparent.” Simultaneously, a pair of “Brokeback Mountain”-themed potholders have been wiped far from her on the remaining minute.

Tina Fey, John Oliver featured in hilarious 'Billy on the Street' montage 1

“These are first-class,” she said. “I want I had won those.”

Stars like John Oliver, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Julianne Moore are featured on the compilation, together with a few hilarious reactions from random New York City pedestrians.


Eichner played Craig Middlebrooks on “Parks and Recreation” but got his begin because of the executive producer and author of Funny or Die’s “Billy on the Street,” now on truTV. Fey’s clips that stood out sufficient for Eichner to include in the montage first aired in September 2015, whilst he requested her to call 20 Latino performers in a segment referred to as “Latina Fey.” The “Brokeback Mountain” potholders have been from an identical episode. Still, they were given their first little bit of display screen time inside the fifth season’s November surest, which featured segments the display wasn’t capable of air “the primary time around.”

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