PRESS RELEASE: Venezuela, China strengthen automobile and agricultural cooperation

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Venezuela and the People’s Republic of China reviewed bilateral agreements and initiatives in the vehicle and agricultural sectors to achieve the Asian giant’s goal within the growth of the state’s efficient capacities in these sectors. The Vice President of Planning, Ricardo Menendez, who heads the Venezuelan delegation paying an operating visit in Beijing, stated that a few bilateral meetings were held in China to discuss these troubles, aiming to strengthen the agricultural and industrial production in Venezuela. Menendez, the USA’s chairman of the China-Venezuela High-Level Joint Commission, stated that a group of organizations from the automobile region expressed their aim to put in Venezuela productive capacities to fabricate personal vehicles, light-duty, and medium responsibility utility automobiles.

PRESS RELEASE: Venezuela, China strengthen automobile and agricultural cooperation 1

He brought that a running institution became set up to evaluate the installation of a truck manufacturing unit in the United States of America, whose first settlement became signed on the closing Joint Commission. He defined that an engine manufacturing line has now been blanketed into the settlement. “The maximum crucial part of this technical secretariat is the brand new productive capacities that Chinese organizations want to put in in our u. S. A .,” he said according to a press release from the Ministry of Planning. He talked about a few Chinese organizations that held a video conference with the Minister for Agricultural Production and Lands, Wilmar Castro Soteldo, to comprise China’s technological power within the areas of mechanized cultivation and cotton production. Menendez said. Additionally, they assessed the challenge of a cotton-ginning manufacturing facility positioned in Caicara del Orinoco and plans for cooperation within the Madre Plant, placed in Monaco, which is ready to be inaugurated.


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