Can I Really Afford An Automobile?

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Depending on where you live, you might not need a vehicle to get to work or to fun, so maybe it’s time to consider whether a vehicle is in your future or not. The biggest decision for owning a vehicle (unless you live in a small town with no public transportation or in the country somewhere away from everything) is the money it costs to get and maintain one.

Can I Really Afford An Automobile? 1

Vehicles are not cheap, and you’re going to continually be putting more and more money into the one you buy even after your initial purchase cost. New or used, owning a vehicle is not a cheap endeavor. Here are some of the expenses you should continue before committing to a car.

Getting Money To Buy One

You need to know that there is always a way to get money to buy a car. Even people with bad credit have options for car loans. However, there is a good chance that someone with bad credit will be paying a much higher interest rate than someone with good credit (that’s just how it goes). One of the most important parts of having money to purchase a vehicle is to have something like a down payment, even if it’s just a trade-in. That money down will help you get a loan as well. Even for a decent cheap, used vehicle, you can expect to pay more than two thousand dollars.


The Cost Of Gas

The price of gas fluctuates throughout the year, but it will always cost something. If you buy a vehicle that doesn’t get good gas mileage, you’ll be paying even more, especially if you drive it often. Some apps can help you save some money on gas by pointing you in the direction of the cheapest gas station in the area you’re in.

Insurance Is A Must

Insurance is the most expensive part of buying a vehicle because it’s something you have to have. It can cost hundreds of dollars a month. If you buy a car on loan, you’ll have to have more insurance on it than if you buy one with cash only. You can find deals on insurance by checking with more than one company. However, some states have caps on how loan automobile insurance can be.

Repair And Other Expenses

You’re probably also spending at least one thousand dollars in maintenance on your vehicle a year, on top of all the other costs not even mentioned in this article. Not only do you have repair and maintenance costs, but you might also have storage expenses. People who live in the big city have the added benefit of often needing to pay to park their car for work and not have parking at home. And then when you go shopping, you’re paying for meters too. It adds up!

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