Seven Wonders recreated at Eco Park

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Come Durga Puja and Eco Park will greet visitors with replicas of the Seven Wonders of the world. The representations of the Seven Wonders in a recreational park is the first-of-its-kind inside u. S .. It may be noted that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had urged the Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation (HIDCO) government to installation replicas of the Seven Wonders as a way to be favored by way of individuals who love to journey and excursion. Elaborate work is on to give the systems the very last touches so that it may be thrown open to the general public by using Durga Puja. The location is probably to be geared up through August and could be opened by Puja, Debashis Sen, chairman of HIDCO said. While passing with the aid of the Eco Park, one can now see some of the replicas which are being hooked up. The replicas could be kept on 3 acres of land. The reproduction of Taj Mahal has a height of 4.25 m and region 22.5×22.5 so. Based on the original shape of Taj Mahal in Agra. There is also a streamlet to replicate river Yamuna with wood bridges.

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The second is a replica of Christ — the Redeemer whose original a statue is located in Rio de Janerio. The height of the duplicate is around is 17.7 m set up at the pinnacle of a pedestal measuring a top of 2.7 m. The 1/3 is the reproduction of Colosseum. The replica is built over 430 square location and has a height of 7.Three m. The fourth is the Great Wall of China which is a chain of fortifications fabricated from stone, brick, rammed earth of 21,196 km duration. The equal is replicated as a structure that’s having a hundred and twenty m period, 2.Five m common width and 7.4 m average peak (most). The fifth one is the Easter Island statues. Thirty statues had been replicated on a place of seven-hundred so. The authentic statues are placed at south-Japanese most point of the Polynesian Triangle. The 6th one is the Petra Jordan. The original shape is located in Jordan’s south-western desert. The replicas constructed on 640 so. Place. The replica has 3 mountains having a peak of 13 m. The 7th is the Pyramid. Four Pyramids every with 2 m top are being built as a reproduction of the unique Pyramid. The base region of Pyramids is 10×10 square, 8×8 square, and 4×4 square respectively. The facia of all the structures is fabricated from fiber reinforced polymer which has been fixed on RCC and metallic frames. Senior HIDCO officers stated the replicas look precisely the miniature of the unique systems. Landscape architects stated the unique concept of Mamata Banerjee were given “an active and practical presentation with accuracy.”




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