Santa Clara is a Special Spot for Travelers

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Located in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley is the city of Santa Clara, which offers tourists a unique destination for their next vacation. Its diverse history and attractions mean you can journey through the history of computers visit the most advanced football stadium in existence, or anything in between. There’s no shortage of interesting things to dive into when you land in Santa Clara. Not to mention, the people are great and highly driven. The techie’s culture has coalesced into this spot just outside of San Jose, and it’s not really a surprise, either. When you look at the high number of tech companies based out of Santa Clara and its significance in the world of modern computing, it’s no wonder that the people who work at these companies call it home.

Timing is everything! Don’t get stuck visiting at the wrong dates/times.

You don’t want to set up your travel dates and find out the hard way that they were the absolute worst times to visit Santa Clara, California. Don’t worry though, we can help layout the best times/dates to visit this part of Silicon Valley. From a weather and climate perspective, the best time to travel here is mid-April to early November. However, the weather isn’t the only factor. Considering that Stanford and Santa Clara University graduation week (June 15-June 18) and Christmas (December 20-January 3) are the busiest times for travelers coming to Santa Clara, they’re times you should probably avoid. This will ensure minimal crowds and better rates on your lodging. You’ll also want to avoid popular holidays like Memorial Day and July 4th.

Special Spot for Travelers

For those who love computers, this is a MUST SEE!

Since this is a place where technology thrives and has had the most impact on this area’s reputation, it’s a popular destination for tech-lovers, programmers, and geeks. It goes without saying that the Computer History Museum should be on everyone’s itinerary. When you walk in the doors, you’ll be immersed in the world of computing and what it has done for the world that we live in today. From lectures to life-size exhibits, there’s no shortage of opportunity at this museum. In fact, it’s one of the most unique museums in the state and continues to improve daily.

Things to do and places to stay.

One of the most advanced football stadiums in existence today sits right in the middle of Silicon Valley. Designed by the renowned architectural firm HNTB, Levi’s Stadium was designed to be used in conjunction with its own smartphone app. It’s also one of the largest buildings registered with the environmental group the US Green Building Council. Some of the best restaurants in Santa Clara include Burk’s Restaurant, Piatti, and Tomatina. But if you want something really unique, check out Andy’s Bar-B-Que. It’s strange enough to find a barbeque restaurant in Silicon Valley, but this joint has been voted a reader’s choice best restaurant for several years. Their ribs, slow-cooked over an open oak wood fire, should not be missed. Some of the most popular hotels in Santa Clara are the Hyatt House Santa Clara and the Embassy Suites Santa Clara. The former hotel has a modern layout, free breakfast, and a super convenient location close to Levi’s Stadium. The latter offers free drinks and snacks, complimentary breakfasts, and an indoor pool.

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