Driving up traffic to your website

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You may have spent a small fortune on designing a fancy new website for your company or organization, but the problem you have now is getting people to visit it. Has your site has the SEO treatment? Should you market it through social media, should you pay for some online advertising campaigns? Should you email potential customers about the site? There’s a lot to think about it – and no simple, one-approach solution to building your visitor rates. Let’s have a look at some of the things you need to be considering.

Be SEO-ready!

When designing your website, you need to make it as attractive as possible to search engine robots, who crawl all over the content – looking for keywords and phrases.

Strong SEO will help to get your site recognized and appear in the coveted ‘natural’ listings. They’re the ones that appear on the web separately from the ‘pay per click’ links, which you’ll normally find at the top and right of a search engine’s results page.

SEO is all about your site’s content – what those search robots trawl and find will ultimately determine how much your website stands out from all of the rest out there in the massive internet shopping mall.

Get blogging!

Blogs are proven ways of boosting traffic! Not just one post here and there, but regular posts – more than 10 a week – can help you see these visitor numbers grow! Also, maybe think about some social media campaigns featuring your blog posts – targeting those you most want to reach.

Another thing you can think about doing with blog posts is exchanging them with other sites. That can help build traffic too. Just hunt down some other blogs in a similar industry, reach out to the administrator and see if they’ll be up for doing some swaps. Don’t double up on the same content, obviously.


The wonders of webinars

It doesn’t matter whether you work in finance or fashion; find yourself a topic to talk about, which will perk up your potential customers’ interest. Then organize a webinar. You need to focus on something interesting, something you can share your expert knowledge about or give an insight into. Maybe it’s very topical at a certain time. This can help get more traffic too.


Don’t stop at webinars; why not try a podcast or two as well – especially if you prefer to be in a pre-recorded format? Again, like the webinars, you need to develop some compelling content – that gives your audience a reason to want to download it and listen. But, done well and promoted well, they can also help you stand out from the crowd.

It may take a while to build your audience but stick it out, highlighting it through social media, getting some comments and feedback, and hopefully, the momentum will start building. You may also want to involve a special guest, who might help drive up your ratings!

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