5 Dangers of a Wet and Leaky Basement

5 Dangers of a Wet and Leaky Basement

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Are you annoyed by the flood in your basement? Finding standing water in your basement after a heavy rain is a common problem. But avoiding this can lead to some serious issues. The situations like basement floods require your immediate attention because they may cause severe damage if left unattended. In the rainy season, basement flooding is common if your sump pump isn’t up to the task this spring. A wet or leaky basement may seem like minor annoyances, but in reality, ignoring this problem will only make things worse. Numerous hidden dangers of a wet basement have more devastating effects than the water itself. So, if you have a damp or leaky basement, you need to know the following dangers of a wet basement.

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1. Health Issues

A wet basement brings health-related issues like respiratory problems. This is because moisture is responsible for mold, mildew, and fungus growth. It is well known that black mold and mildew are dangerous for your health as they may cause chronic lung infection, asthma, nasal and sinus congestion, eye irritation, and allergic reactions. This is particularly dangerous for older people and small children. Sometimes, there’s no visible sign of mold growth, but if there’s a musty odor, you need to call a professional for help.

2. Structural Damage

A wet basement not only affects your health but also damages the structure of your house. If your home is built on a basement, it may have wooden support beams overhead. When the basement remains damp for a long time, these beams become rotten and begin to deteriorate. This leads to the crumbling and weakening of the foundation of the house. Moreover, standing water is also responsible for damaging electrical units like air conditioning or heating equipment. Also, a leaky and damp basement will develop cracks and peeling paint.

3. Insect Infestation

A wet basement is also to be blamed for insect infestation. As mentioned above, moisture leads to developing cracks and gaps in your basement’s foundation. And this allows different types of bugs to enter your living space easily. The insects and arthropods are attracted to dark and damp spaces, making the wet basement their favorite spot. Bugs are annoying and can cause some serious damage. First, they will enter your basement through cracks and gaps in the foundation and then have access to the rest of your house. Your house belongs to you and not to the creepy creatures like brown recluse spiders, cockroaches, termites, centipedes, and millipedes. In addition to insects, rodents could also invade your space. Rats and mice love dark and quiet spaces, and your basement can become their ideal nesting spot. To prevent insects and rodents from entering your home, make sure to seal all entry points, repair leaks, and dehumidify your basement.

4. Dust Mites

Like insects, dust mites are also attracted to moist and humid spaces. These are tiny bugs that breed and spread rapidly. Even if you keep your home clean and tidy, these bugs won’t spare you. Dust mites can worsen your asthma and can cause allergic reactions. The only option to avoid dust mites is using a dehumidifier to dehydrate these bugs. You need to make sure that the level of humidity in your basement never goes beyond 60 percent.

5. Decreases the Value of Your Home

The homeowners who want to sell their house in the future must avoid a wet and leaky basement. This is because a house with a wet basement has a low market value. A damp and moist basement leads to several other problems such as mold and insect growth, structural damage, and water damage. A house with all such issues will not pass the inspection and won’t sell. So, if you’re planning to sell your house, it’s best to first fix your wet basement and other related problems and then only have it inspected.

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