How to Switch from old Samsung to Samsung Galaxy S8+

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Switching from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy S8+ doesn’t have to be difficult anymore. Gone are those days when transferring data from Android to Android was a hectic task. With the advancement of technology, software and app developers created myriad helpful tools to make the transferring process easier. If you are moving data from Samsung to Samsung, then there are two apps created by Samsung, Inc exclusively for Samsung users to move data from one device to another.

How to Switch from old Samsung to Samsung Galaxy S8+ 1

This article will be using Samsung Cloud and Samsung Smart Switch to migrate data from your old Samsung device to Samsung Galaxy S8+. Both services work wirelessly, and you do not require to connect your phones with a PC anymore. We will demonstrate how to use these apps to transfer all content from Samsung to Samsung below. You can easily transfer all kinds of data such as messages, contacts, apps, pictures, videos, music, app data, calendars, bookmarks, and so on.


Solution 1: Transfer Data with Samsung Cloud

Samsung Cloud is an amazing free cloud server provided by Samsung Company to its users. You can simply sync all data from your old device and restore them back on any new Samsung device. This app allows you to sync over 13+ data types, and you can pretty much migrate all data from one device to another by following these steps.

Step 1. Install Samsung cloud from Google play store if it is not already pre-installed on your device. Then go to Settings and tap on “Cloud and accounts.”

Step 2. Tap on “Samsung Cloud” and choose which type of data sync such as messages, contacts, music, calendars, notes, the Internet, galleries, etc.

Step 3. Press “Backup Now” and wait until the data is successfully uploaded to the Samsung cloud server.

Please note that you need a high-speed stable Wi-Fi connection to conquer this quest, or else if you have a weak connection, then surely, the progress will be interrupted.

Step 4.Open Samsung Galaxy S8+ and sign in to the same Samsung cloud account. When prompted, tap on “Restore” and select all the data types you wish to retrieve from your Samsung Cloud. Finally, tap on “Restore Now,” and all the data will be downloaded to your new Samsung Galaxy S8+.

Done! You may now check your new device, and all the data from your old Samsung will appear perfectly.

Solution 2: Transfer Content with Smart Switch.

Smart Switch is another Android app developer by Samsung, Inc developers to wirelessly transfer content from one device to another. It also offers data transferring via USB data cable and can transfer almost all kinds of data from one phone to another with the easement. Basically, this app helps to create a network between both phones so that you can transfer the data from one device to another under the same bridge connection.

Step 1. Install Smart Switch from Google Play Store on both phones and open them.

Step 2. Tap on “Start” on both phones from the home screen.

Step 3. Choose “Wireless” and go to the next page.

Step 4. From the old Samsung, tap on “Send,” and from Samsung Galaxy S8+, select “Receive.”

Step 5. Choose the data types that you want to send, such as contacts, calendars, call logs, internet, albums, music, etc. and tap on “Send.”

Success! Keep the phones together until the data is successfully migrated.


This short lesson demonstrated how to exchange data between two Samsung phones without any issue. However, you can use the same methods to send data from Android to Android. Make sure to backup your device regularly if your phone is stolen or lost, and let us know which method was your favorite in the comments below. If you have any thoughts or queries to share, don’t forget to share them with us.

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