How to Design a Banner Stand

How to Design a Banner Stand

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A banner stand is often used as a promotional tool, to advertise a certain conference, event, or session. Designing a banner stand involves understanding the specific brand, the objectives of the conference, and audience needs. A banner stand must combine these things together in an aesthetic design, ensuring that information is on the banner, and is well-presented. There are a few tips and tricks that can be used to design the banners. These tips will be able to help you design a beautiful banner, and one that has the required information to lure audience members in.

The first tip is to consider the location of the conference, and the location of the banner stand. If you are planning to use the stand for one event, then the information on the banner stand will be highly specific. However, if you are planning to have a banner stand for the entire conference, then the banner stand will be more general, and will have generalized information about the event as a whole. For example, in busy exhibition halls, it’s better to have a banner stand with important information only – make sure the important information is at the top, so those walking by can see the relevant details without stopping in their tracks.
However, if you are planning to put up a banner stand in a museum, then you’ll be able to include more text –in this case, the banner stand can be used to educate, rather than just guide audience members in.
Another tip would be to add a call to action, or a CTA. A call to action will increase public interest and will help people understand the importance of the conference. Adding a call to action will allow the audience to know what the event is for, and what is required of them as an audience. For example, instead of using the term ‘leading supplier’, you can use the phrase ‘work with a leading supplier’. By adding an active phrase, your banner becomes more attractive, and thereby more useful for the event.
Another useful tip would be to add social icons onto your banner stand, so that audience members can visit social media for more information. Due to the rise of social media, there are many apps, platforms, and channels that you can use to spread information about your event. With a catchy brand name, you can then create an easy to remember username, thereby allowing audiences and the public to look for more information online.



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