How to Take Good Instagram Pictures: Top 10 Tips

How to Take Good Instagram Pictures: Top 10 Tips

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Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, with more than a billion monthly users. You’re probably one of those users.

Whether you’re new to the platform or want to up your Insta game, you’re wondering how to take good Instagram pictures.

This guide has you covered. Check out the top 10 tips, and you’ll be snapping better pics in no time!

How to Take Good Instagram Pictures: Top 10 Tips 1

1. Think Square

The first thing to do is think about how your picture will appear in the app. Instagram tends to favor square pictures. Before, most photos were taken in landscape or portrait orientations. Those are still prevalent settings, so you’ll want to check what you’re using on your phone camera. Both of these orientations are rectangular, not square. You’ll notice some cropping when you move them into Instagram. Unfortunately, that can cause distortion, so your pictures won’t look quite as nice. If you’re still taking your pictures in landscape or portrait, don’t worry. You can check out Setapp’s guide here to find resizing info here:

2. Use Contrast and Light to Your Advantage

Many Instagram worthy pics use their surroundings to their advantage. This could be taking advantage of vibrant colors, sharp contrasts, or even amazing natural lighting. If this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. The more you take pictures, the more you’ll begin to develop an eye for these things. Contrast often shows two colors playing off each other. You can also mute background colors and make an object pop by focusing on it. Lighting can be used in a lot of ways to create different effects. Deep shadows can create spooky feelings or moodiness. Contrast that with some bright spots in your photos, and you’ll make those objects pop. Lighting can also make your picture feel brighter and more welcoming. It can also give you better details. By contrast, poor lighting may make your picture grainy or hide certain details.

3. How to Take Good Instagram Pictures by Staying Steady

Another key point when taking any kind of photo is to stay steady. If you’re shaking, your camera won’t snap a clear picture. Professional photographers will use tripods to set up their shots. You might be snapping a spontaneous shot. You may not want to lug a tripod around with you or have time to set it up. You may have steady hands, but bracing yourself against something can help you get a better shot. You may be able to put your hand down on a table or a rock. Make use of your surroundings. Set the camera on the ground or in a tree branch. Not only will you get a steadier shot, but you’ll also get a more interesting angle too.

4. Use the Rule of Thirds

Now you want to know how to take Instagram photos that pop in terms of composition. This is where the rule of thirds becomes handy. This is a rule applied by professional photographers to create mesmerizing images. You’ll divide your image up using three vertical lines and three horizontal lines. This creates a nine-by-nine grid. Place your objects where the lines intersect to create a more balanced image. White space around the subject draws the user’s eye without making them feel the image is unbalanced.

5. Mix Up Your Angles

Another trick for taking good Instagram photos is to know and mix up your angles from time to time. Using the rule of thirds will help here too. Essentially, angles let you play with perspective. Instead of always taking the dead-center, you can begin to experiment right in front of your shot. Try taking an image from above or below eye level. Use the rule of thirds to keep the composition balanced. This can help you create stunning images that bring a new perspective to common images.

6. Layers Add Depth and Interest

The rule of thirds means you don’t always need to put your subject front and center, and mixing up your angles brings new perspectives. It’s time to go deeper by adding some layers. This means foregrounding some objects and allowing others to recede into the background. The focal point doesn’t always need to be on what’s right in front of the camera. You can create the illusion of peering through a window or door by blocking part of the camera lens, then focusing on something further away. Alternately, you can focus on an object that’s closer to the camera, allowing the background to fade out of focus. This can make your subject pop.

7. Don’t Use Instagram

This is more a practical tip than anything, but don’t use the Instagram app itself to snap your photos. Instead, use your phone’s native camera app. The camera app is actually much better at taking high-quality photos.

8. Edit and Use Filters Wisely

You can know all about how to take cute Instagram pictures, but it won’t mean much if you don’t know how to edit or use filters. Filters will get more eyes on your pictures, although there are also “no filter” challenges on Instagram. Filters can make certain aspects of your images stand out. Editing gives you more precision than filters. Here, you can play with contrast and light. Even if you set your shot up well, adjusting these parameters can make your image have more impact.

9. Get a Photography Kit

If you’re serious about taking the best Instagram photos, then you may want to invest in a photography kit. This includes zoom and lens attachments for your phone, as well as other accessories. These accessories make up for your phone camera’s shortcomings and help you snap better shots.

10. Analyze What’s Working for You

Finally, take a look at your Instagram statistics to see what’s getting the best response from your audience. The best Instagram photos are the ones people are actually interested in seeing. You don’t necessarily want to make every image look the same, but you can use this data to see what you’re doing right. You can then use that information to inform your next post.

Picture Perfect with the Right Advice

These 10 tips should give you an idea of how to take good Instagram pictures. Knowing how to use Instagram is an important skill for bloggers, business leaders, and many other people today. If Instagram is part of your lifestyle or your business, we have more tips for you! Check out the archives and learn how to use the app more effectively.

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