Your Health: Water And Its Impact On The Environment

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Water is important for your health in so many ways. Humans cannot live for an extended period of time without water. Part of this is because the human body is made up of water. In fact, about 60 percent of the adult human is water-based. This is why you need to have access to clean and healthy drinking water regularly. When you sweat, your body loses this precious water. While you get it back through certain foods, water is the purest way to refresh the water your body has lost.

Your Health: Water And Its Impact On The Environment 1

Find Safe Drinking Water

You need safe drinking water to live, and that isn’t always the case for everyone. People from impoverished countries find it hard to come across healthy water. Even some people in the United States miss out on something that should be readily available to everyone. If you want to know more about what could go wrong with a water system, look up Flint, Michigan. They are still in a water crisis due to a faulty water system. Contact your local water industry and find out what you can about the tap water’s safety where you live.


Drinking Bottled Water

If you don’t have tap water that is safe to drink, you might consider buying bottled water. While this is a good way to get water, it can be costly over time. Drinking water shouldn’t be something you have to spend hundreds of dollars or more on each month just to quench your thirst and stay healthy. Another factor for bottled water is not always the best choice because all those plastic bottles fill up landfills and don’t break down for hundreds of years. You do have the option of recycling, though.

Investing In Water Filter Systems In Home

If your water is somewhat safe, you can use a water filtration system. In the case of the Flint water system, this isn’t going to be enough to make the tap water safe, but if yours only has a few trace chemicals that can be removed by filtration. There are attachments you can put right on your tap and water jug type ones you fill and keep in the fridge. In a pinch, you can “filter” your home water by boiling it. Boiling kills many of the bad things that are living in the water. You’ll notice that your city or town issues a boil water notice after emergencies like water main break. One thing to remember, if you’re ever lost at sea, you’re better off drinking your own pee than you are drinking the seawater. The salt in seawater will make you even more dehydrated and most likely lead to a quick death, even though drinking your own pee may be cringe-worthy.

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