Gaming Week: Get Up To 80% Off On Computer Accessories

Gaming Week: Get Up To 80% Off On Computer Accessories

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Gaming is all about living your dreams. Be it exploring a fantasy world, experiencing world wars, or managing your favorite club in a champions league final, a well-built game can let you fulfill all your wishes right from the comfort of your couch. But the experience is not perfect if you do not have proper accessories. Yeah, you can buy all types of accessories from your neighboring tech shop, but to cut a sweet deal, there is nothing but a daunting task. And this is exactly where online stores like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal come up. Not only do they provide a huge number of variety and brands, but they also offer some of the best discounts and cashback.  Stick with us as we are going to reveal the best deals and sales available on on all computer accessories across all the major retailers. And we hope that at the end of the article, you will be able to pick just the perfect accessory you need to take your gaming experience to the next level at an insanely discounted price.

Major offers on computers and accessories

So, what does it take to get a lifelike experience from the games? First and foremost, you will need a powerful PC or laptop or the latest console that can process thousands of files and graphics without a hiccup over a long period of time. Also, if you are into shooting games, a gaming mouse can help you play over a long period without tiring your hands. And in case your PC is not that great at handling the heat, you will need a cooler. Also, a good gaming headphone can hugely crank up the thrill and give you an adrenaline-filled experience.

Major brands to look out for

Below we have listed the top offers on all the major brands that manufacture the very best gaming computers and accessories.


HP is one of the biggest vendors of consumer and commercial computing solutions, and it is no wonder that they offer a robust selection of gaming computers and accessories. The Omen series is especially dedicated to gaming, and under this branding, HP has listed some decent gaming mice, keyboards, and headphones. All computers and accessories under the series are ready to handle some of the most powerful games out there.

Exclusive offers

All HP products are available across major retailers, including Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, and HP’s own online store. The best offers available there are listed below.

  • At Flipkart, you will find all the gaming products and accessories by HP. There is no specific category wise discount available, but there are discounts up to 13% available on HP Omen mouse.
  • At HP India online store, you can use the HP computer and accessories coupon HP10 to get a flat 10% discount on all HP gaming accessories.
  • If you are looking for a decent gaming mouse, head straight to Snapdeal. Here you can get a flat 9% off on an HP gaming mouse. You are also eligible for a 10% instant discount if you use axis bank credit or a debit card.
  • Amazon is now offering up to a 33% discount on HP Omen series headphones. You can also save big on Omen gaming keyboards, too, as there is a flat 20% discount on these products.


Dell is another big name in the PC manufacturing industry. The famous Alienware series of laptops are considered among the very best and most powerful machines. And to get the most out of these awesome devices, Dell produces some amazing accessories that take the gaming experience to the next level.

Exclusive offers

Check out the top offers in Dell gaming computer accessories on leading e-commerce stores.

  • There are some decent discounts on Dell gaming accessories on Flipkart. You can get up to a 36% discount on Dell optical gaming mouse. While the discount amount varies widely from device to device, but you are assured of a minimum 5% discount on these devices. Also, on keyboard mouse combos, you can get up to 56% discount.
  • At Amazon, you can get up to a 45% discount on Dell optical gaming mouse. Also, a flat discount of Rs. 1965 on Genuine Alienware touchpad and palm rest assembly can be obtained using Amazon computer and accessories coupons. On most of the other gaming accessories, you can get at least a 4% off discount.


Asus is known for its innovations and top-notch products, but the pricing is the best thing. Most of the Asus products come at prices way below the other traditional competitors such as HP and Dell. The Taiwanese giant designs and develops motherboards, laptops, monitors, and accessories exclusively for gaming purposes. Asus motherboards are often hailed as one of the best in the world.

Exclusive offers

Find below the top discounts and offers on Asus products across different retailers.

  • Flipkart offers a wide range of Asus laptops and accessories. You can grab Asus gaming keyboards under the Republic of Gamers series for a flat 7% discount. Additionally, you can get up to a 35% discount on Asus Nvidia GeForce graphics cards. Also, up to 29% discount is available on ROG laser mouses.
  • At Amazon, you will find greater discounts on a wide range of Asus gaming accessories. If you are looking for some superior surround sound experience while gaming, you will find Asus Cerberus here with a 37% discount. Also, a mammoth 81% discount is available on Cerberus series gaming mouses. Additionally, up to 21% is available on Asus gaming keyboards using computer and accessories coupons.


You may not have heard about MSI unless you are a true gaming enthusiast, as it is not so much well known here in India. Like Asus, the MSI is also known worldwide for some of the best in class features and gaming sectors’ innovations. Despite their high pricing, MSi gaming systems give you true power and great computing speed, making your gaming experience as smooth as possible.

Exclusive offers

Find the best deals on MSi systems below.

  • There is a range of offers and discounts available on MSi products on Flipkart. Up to 10% discount can be availed on mouses and keyboards. Several graphics cards from Nvidia and AMD, assembled by MSi, are eligible for up to 16% discount. Some of them also allow you to get additional discounts using exciting bank offers.
  • The discounts on MSi products on Amazon are huge. Using the computer and accessories coupon, you can get up to 77% discount on MSi accessories. On graphics cards also, the discount can range up to a mammoth 69%. Up to 50% discount is also available on motherboards.


Setting up a gaming beast is not cheap and will surely cost you a good deal of money. But if you are willing to compromise a little on specs and performance to save some big bucks, Lenovo is the way to go. Lenovo offers a wide range of gaming laptops for a very competitive price. Their accessories are also cheap but pretty much robust.

Exclusive offers

We have the best deals on Lenovo products on Flipkart and Snapdeal below.

  • At Flipkart, the discounts on Lenovo accessories are huge. You can get up to a 68% discount on Lenovo gaming keyboards. On gaming mice, the discount is capped at a moderate 25%.
  • You can get a 61% discount on Lenovo optical mouse on Snapdeal. On keyboards, the discount goes as high as 37%. And using Snapdeal computer and accessories coupons, you can get p to 47% discount on keyboard and mouse combos.

How can you avail of these offers?

Availing of these grand offers is a piece of cake. Just follow these simple instructions below.

  • Log in to the vendor’s website or mobile app. Sign up if you don’t already have one.
  • Search for your favorite product.
  • Add the product to your cart.
  • Now you need to enter the delivery location of your order. If you have previously shopped with this vendor, you will find all of your delivery addresses already saved. Just choose the one where you would like to ship your order.
  • The next step is payment. Choose from a range of payment methods available on these websites.
  • Once your payment is successful and verified, you will receive a confirmation via SMS and email from the vendor.
  • Once the order is confirmed, your order will be dispatched in no time.


Gaming is quickly becoming one of the biggest ways of entertainment in the gen Z. Also, nowadays, several e-sports events are played around the globe with a huge pool of prizes. This has created a new bunch of professional gamers who compete in these tournaments. All in all, this development has seen a major demand for gaming laptops and related accessories. Also, like any other tech, they are getting cheap. And as we have described in the article, numerous offers are available on these products to make the deal impossible to miss. So, do not waste another second. Rush and live your dreams till these offers last.

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