The Best Gift Ideas for the Videography Enthusiast in Your Life

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It’s the holiday season, which means it is time to shop for gifts for loved ones and close friends. Shopping for gifts can be tricky. You want to give loved ones the best gifts to show how much you love them. You also want to keep the entire shopping spree within budget at the same time. Page Papi

Videography is a popular hobby this past couple of years, especially since uploading videos to YouTube became a big hit. If your loved ones enjoy shooting videos and uploading them to YouTube, here are some of the best camera accessories to get them this holiday season.

Rode VideoMic Pro+

No good video is complete without excellent audio, which is why owning a good microphone is important. Before you go any further, there is one thing you need to check first. Not all cameras can use an external microphone. The ones that do have a microphone input jack on them. In a light conversation about using the camera your loved one uses, find out if there is a microphone input jack to use.

If that microphone input jack is present, one of the best gifts to pick up this season is the newly released Rode VideoMic Pro+. That ‘+’ sign at the end makes all the difference. The new version of the top-rated VideoMic Pro now includes a better shotgun microphone and the ability to switch on and off with the camera (instead of manually). It is the ultimate on-camera shotgun microphone for videography.

Handheld Gimbal

An electronic gimbal is a device that helps stabilize the camera when used in certain situations. A handheld gimbal is simply a version of electronic gimbals that can be used handheld – with a single hand. The handheld gimbals available today are compact and light and capable of producing smooth and stabilized video footage in the most difficult situations.

There are some interesting choices if you want to get a handheld gimbal as a gift. has a detailed explanation of how to choose the correct gimbal for different types of cameras, along with reviews of the best options on the market. Your loved one will certainly love being able to capture cinematic shots using the gimbal.


GoPro Hero 5

Want to get a new action camera for the videographer in your life? Now is the perfect time to pick up the GoPro Hero 5. There is a newer version of the GoPro, the GoPro Hero 6, on the market. The new camera features better slow-motion capabilities and some basic upgrades, but that’s not the best thing about it.

The release of the Hero 6 means GoPro Hero 5 is now available at incredible prices. You get 4K video recording capability and a proven action camera system – with plenty of accessories – for as little as $150 with the right coupon code and discounts.

Pick up any of these items, and your loved one will appreciate your gift. These gadgets are the best ones to get if you have someone who loves capturing videos in your life. As always, stick around for more gift ideas right here on Stump Blog.

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