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The different kinds of spices that have varying aroma and sweetness, and rich flavours, is why the Indian cuisine is globally recognised.
These spices are why Indian dishes are one of a kind, making people crave for more, once they have tried them.
Such high demand is the reason why Indian restaurants are found in different parts of the globe.
If you visit India for any kind of trip or vacation, you should definitely try some of the spicy dishes before leaving the country.

We have a list of these cuisines that you should order right away and have a taste for yourself when you visit an Indian restaurant.
It will be an experience of a lifetime for you.

Raja Mircha Pork Curry:

Nagaland pork is what is used in this spicy dish, with quite a lot of spices in mix. The infamous bhut jolokia is also used in this dish; so, a pro tip, keep a glass of water or two nearby, just in case the heat rises above your expectations.
The flavours of this dish best come out with rice.

Chicken chettinad:

This is a signature dish in the Southern India.
The people really have a taste for spicy dishes there, and Chicken Chettinad is one of those dishes that shows the very same, and shows the limit that the people there can achieve with the spiciness.
A combination of red chilli, and grated coconut in perfect proportions is used to give this dish a unique Southern flavour, that is sure to make you crave for more.

Pork Vindaloo:

Pork Vindaloo is an indian dish that is a mixture of pork, vinegar, chillies, and garlic. When you’re finished eating this dish, you will be completely full because you will have ordered it multiple times, because of the flavours being so rich and tasteful, that eating this once doesn’t satisfy your craving.

Laal Maas:

This is quiet a new, but very popular dish, and one of those which is compared to the legendary Indian dishes of 80s.
Mutton is the main ingredient for this dish, with the curry leaves used on it to give it a great taste, during it’s preparation.
The highlight of this dish is the mutton curry, which is prepared using red chillies and curd, to enrich the dish’s flavour.

Andhra chili chicken:

This is one of the amazing dishes, that comprises of dry chicken and is served with green chilies. It is best served with rice.
The taste is so good that it is sure to leave you craving for more; but be cautious, as it is one of the hottest spicy dishes.
You will definitely enjoy this dish, and can get one in the best restaurants in Kelowna.

With so many Indian dishes to choose from, and each one of them having something unique about them, you are sure to enjoy and get a experience of lifetime for your taste buds, if you plan to stay long enough in India.
You can always home-cook these dishes when you leave the country, but the best way to have them is at Indian Restaurants.


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