3 Ways to Prepare For A Drug or Alcohol Detox Program

3 Ways to Prepare For A Drug or Alcohol Detox Program

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If you’ve decided to check yourself into a drug or alcohol detox program, you’re probably very nervous about how this experience will play out. While you may want to get clean and sober, your uncertainty may be making you feel like you don’t actually want to go and see this thing through. For many people, simply knowing how to best prepare for this type of experience can help them feel much more ready to take on this challenge. To help you with this, here are three ways you should prepare for a drug or alcohol detox program.

Pack The Right Items

For the time you’ll spend in your detox program, you want to be sure you’ll have what you need to be both successful and comfortable while going through this trying time. To help you figure out what you should or shouldn’t pack, Aimee Runyon, a contributor to Rehabs.com, you should bring comfortable clothes. You’re likely going to be doing a lot of work on both your body and mind, so physical comfortability is helpful. Additionally, don’t bring things that have any amount of alcohol in them, like hairspray, mouthwash, hand sanitizer, etc. These things will be confiscated from you once you arrive, so save yourself the drama and just don’t even bring them.


Commit Yourself To The Program

Before you make it to the detox program, you must be completely committed to the process you will be experiencing. Without this commitment, the time and money you spend at the facility will not go to good use for you. According to the staff at Recovery.org, part of this commitment means following whatever rules are laid out for you and being as present as you can be in this unique situation. Because you’ll never get this type of experience in any other format, try your best to really focus on it.

Be Realistic About Withdrawal Symptoms

Once your detox starts, you may be surprised at just how difficult this time in your life will be. According to Dennis Hopson, a contributor to GuideDoc.com, some of the symptoms you may experience include nausea, headaches, tremors, mood swings, depression, hallucinations, and more. If you try to pretend that these things won’t happen to you, you might be unpleasantly surprised when you start feeling horrible. So before you start the detox process, try to mentally prepare for the hard times that might be on the horizon for you. If you are soon going into a detox program for drugs or alcohol, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you prepare to make the most of your experience there.

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