5 Places To Look For Information About Loans

5 Places To Look For Information About Loans

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When it comes to getting a loan, sometimes the best first step that you can make is to go on an information gathering session. And because of the connected nature of the world these days, there are some different ways for you to approach that.


You can visit online blogs like Tumblr, see what the chatter is on Twitter, go to places that loans are available, talk to people in person, ask family and friends to help you out, or even see what crowdfunding platforms have to say about the matter. Any combination of these approaches will help you get all the info you need before you get started.


Finding loan listings on Tumblr or other social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, or even places like Instagram is a good place to start. With a simple search engine term, you can get linked to particular search strings regarding location, type of loan, amount of loan, the expected interest rate on loan, and tons of other data. The more specific you are with your search, the better your results are going to be.



Most companies have at least some presence on Twitter these days, so it’s no surprise that there are tons of ads or other updates from loan entities on that platform. If you follow popular hashtags about different financing options, you may be able to find the perfect source of information with absolutely minimal work on your part. The better that a loan company uses something like Twitter, the better you’ll decipher what kind of information is available in real-time inside a 140 character limit, which showcases creativity on their part and efficiency on yours.


Find a local loan place and talk to the manager there in person. This takes a bit more effort than just the standard stalking information online. Still, it could give you a lot more specific information related to your situation instead of just learning about general stuff via the web.

Friends and Family

It’s surprising how many people don’t go to friends and family first to talk about loans. There’s a good chance someone in your inner circle has gotten some sort of loan before, and they’d be more than willing to tell you the ups and downs of their experience. With a little emotional elbow grease, you might even be able to get cash from them!

Crowdfunding Platforms

And finally, if you do some research into crowdfunding platforms, you’ll see that many of the people on the sites initially tried to get loans through other companies. They’ll often post their stories, both positive and negative, so that’s another great real-life way to get information about the possibility of loans for your project.

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