Stress and your fertility health:

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Having a clean lifestyle without drinking and smoking. No genetic history in the family of infertility. No accident history nor taking any medications. But here I am, diagnosed with infertility. All of a sudden, my whole life was doomed. I didn’t know what to do next. All the time where ever I am, only one question – why and how did I become infertile. My grandfather had 7 children, and I am the 3rd son of my parents—a very healthy generation without any traces of diabetes, thyroid, or other testicular diseases. My wife also has a similar history, and there is no way she is affected. The test also proved everything is completely normal with her.

Then what is the issue? We both visited a fertility center in Chennai for a counseling session. I had taken all my reports. We both have to undergo Q&A sessions and few questionnaires. After an hour session, the counselor sat with us and explained the fact. Stress-induced infertility is what he called it. Yes, my initial few years of professional life was filled with stress, and I did not do anything to reverse my stress. All the while, I thought too much work is stressful, but it is not. Stress is very much mental, and it causes a lot of physical inabilities. Stress has the power to kill oneself.

Stress and anxiety are two big words in today’s times. The levels of stress and anxiety are multiplying by 2x every year. There are a lot of people who are undergoing depression, stress, and anxiety-related disorders. Stress can change the way your normal life. One thing is when you are stressed, you really do not want to do anything. If you are married, this affects your sex life. Not having enough sex or not feeling to have one can be linked to your hormones. Your male hormones are imbalanced, and your ability to make or get conceived is reduced drastically.


Stress can also have an additional long-lasting impact apart from best IVF center in India without any inhibitions. You are not alone in this journey.

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