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A healthy pregnancy leads to normal and successful delivery, makes us the most relaxed and happiest person on the planet. Being a mother is the happiest feeling in the world, and nothing can replace that. Parenting can be a challenge, especially for new moms. I was assisted by my mother and my mother-in-law. Both these super experienced women put themselves in my shoes and looked after my child. The way our body feels after delivery is unexplainable. Especially if it is C-section, then the tiredness and the recovery phase are longer than expected. But fortunately, I was able to deliver my baby naturally. There is no pride in natural delivery, but at least my body didn’t have to go through the excruciating pain after a C-section. C-sections can be easy for doctors and also reduced pregnancy complications. The delivery pain is lesser, and the post-delivery discomfort is more.

Now let us look at the problems that a new mother will face:


1.       Feeling tired all the time: This is something EVERY mom would agree upon. It is tough to adapt ourselves to the new routine. The baby tends to cry and would require more care during the night time than during the day. And breastfeeding is another important routine which we as a mom will fall into.
2.       Feeling Lazy: The first and the second point can go hand-in-hand. It is not really a lazy feeling, but we want to relax more than usual. The 10 months hardship has now been delivered, and we would want to sit back and watch the little one play.
3.       Difficulty adapting to food: Our pregnancy diet would have been much different from what we usually have, and we would have adapted to this. Now changing this becomes a mammoth task. We will start carving for the things we missed out on during those days, but the taste buds won’t agree. This will cause some discomfort in taking food. Also, the stomach layers will be a little sour, and spicy food will definitely not end well.

Overcoming all these things and to be an expert mother, you need a lot of patience in life. Understand the cries and laughs of your baby. Most of the maternity hospitals in Chennai have parenting classes for new moms. Joining one of these would help you understand the tricks of parenting in a better way. One of my friends who worked in Bangalore took maternity leave in her hometown, Pune. She was visiting a maternity hospital in Pune for her delivery. The fact is most of these hospitals provide us a pregnancy package along with post-natal classes.

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