Dress Right for Outdoor Fun

Dress Right for Outdoor Fun

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It’s summer, and that means hot days and summer fun! Summer is a carefree time, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t care what you look like. There are plenty of ways to be both stylish and functional this summer, whether you spend the warm months on the water, on the trail, or at the bar!

Mix style and functionality

If you plan on an active summer, I have good news: there’s never been a better time to mix outdoor functionality with indoor style. These days, sports-focused clothing brands like Patagonia and The North Face are nearly as common on hip urban streets as they are on back-country trails, and it’s not hard to see why. The athletic cuts and comfortable feel of the shirts, shorts, and other items from manufacturers like these don’t just help you out on the trail – they’re also flattering on the street. Accessories like backpacks and water bottles are essential when you’re off on a camping trip. Still, they stay useful when you’re back home and help communicate your personal style and passion for outdoor adventure.

So don’t be afraid to mix outdoor gear with your day-to-day fashion choices. If you’ve invested in a great hiking watch, you shouldn’t just use it on the trail – wear it to the bar, and perhaps you’ll meet some like-minded outdoorsmen and women who admire your hobbies as much as your fashion sense.



Sometimes it feels like style gets a little less formal every year – recent years have seen the rise of “athleisure” and other laid-back style movements. Even if you’re normally a preppy dresser, summer is a great time to experiment with a more low-key look. Guys can invest in shorts or get a nice swimsuit that can pull double-duty as beachside bar attire. A sun-faded t-shirt can be as stylish as any button-down in the right setting, so pull out an old favorite or stop by a thrift store to hunt for something perfectly vintage. Ladies can make quick transitions from beach to bar, too – pulling a light sundress or top over a swimsuit is all you’ll need to do to fit in at any beach down.

Of course, just because your outfit looks effortless doesn’t mean that it is. It’s still worth taking the time to pair colors and make sure that you haven’t mixed anything that clashes. If you’re wearing a colorful shirt, maybe a solid-color swimsuit is best. Try dressing up a laid-back outfit with a nice watch or other accessories for balance – or dressing down a preppy look by throwing some comfortable sandals into the mix.

Stay cool

Summer heat can be brutal, so consider getting some season-specific fabrics. Need a summer suit, guys? Maybe it’s time to try seersucker, the go-to fabric for suiting in super-warm climates. Need a dress shirt? Perhaps it’s time to invest in some linen. Ladies will find lightweight fabrics in sundresses and skirts.

Dressing for hot weather doesn’t have to mean wearing ugly sweat-wicking t-shirts. There are tons of breathable fabrics out there, including some that have been part of men’s and women’s fashion for generations.

Summer is fun – relax!

No matter how you choose to dress, remember that,,,,, summer is a time for fun at the beach, fun on the trail, and fun at the restaurant or bar! There’s no need to put pressure on yourself to dress perfectly. Mix and match some classics with some laid-back elements like swimsuits or ballcaps, and you’ll find that the summer-casual look is nearly as effortless as it appears. Above all, have fun out there!

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