Steroids used in sports by athletes for bodybuilding

Steroids used in sports by athletes for bodybuilding

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Individuals who have prescribed steroids for medical reasons derive benefits from use. The same may not hold true for individuals who use steroids for non-medical reasons. Bodybuilders and athletes can get benefits from steroids, but the risk factor involved is high. Apart from personal accomplishment, athletes dream of winning a medal where these drugs have become common. Some athletes take anabolic steroids to enhance their muscle strength and mass, while some take testosterone directly to lift their performance. Mostly, anabolic steroids that athletes use are synthetically produced testosterone. These can be taken orally by way of pills or through injections.

These drugs are very alluring to bodybuilders and sportspersons. Not only do they make muscles bigger, but they also help athletes to recover from a hard workout speedily. This reduces the training time and encourages them to work out more hard. Moreover, some like the aggressive feelings after using the drugs. As per a survey, steroid abuse is estimated to be less than 6 % among athletes, but circumstantial information suggests more abuse. Another factor for taking steroids is its benefits in athletes to reduce their body fat. Many bodybuilders take steroids at doses much higher than prescribed for medical purposes by practitioners.


Steroids use in Medicines.

The use of steroids for medical reasons is not always dangerous. Side effects may be there, but a doctor ensures that side effects and risks are minimal. Unless abused, they are safe. Anabolic steroids and corticosteroids are two types of steroids. An anabolic steroid is the synthetic version of testosterone hormone used by athletes to build muscle like Dianabol, Anadrol, and Anavar, to name a few. Corticosteroids are used in drug treatment. Doctors recommend steroids to treat numerous medical disorders. They are used mainly to treat inflammatory conditions, for example, vasculitis and myositis, and selectively used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and gout.

Steroids can be life –saving, at times, when inflammation tends to damage body organs. They may prevent kidney inflammation that may lead to kidney failure in people having lupus. Steroid therapy disregards the requirement for kidney dialysis. People suffering from rheumatoid arthritis get relief from pain and stiffness with low doses of steroids. Higher doses of steroids sometimes used temporarily may treat severe arthritis. Steroids are injected straight into joints for the treatment of gout, arthritis, and other inflammatory diseases. They can also be injected around tendons close to your joints. Additionally, you can get relief from osteoarthritis when these steroids are injected into your swollen joints.

Working of steroids in your body

Before appreciating the positive effects of steroids, you should understand the working process. They are natural or synthetic compounds that regulate the functions of your body. The synthetic compounds imitate the effects of anabolic hormones like testosterone. They are known by names like ‘juice.’ The user experiences the effect of testosterone of a higher degree with increased muscle mass, endurance, and fat loss. This benefits athletes as they can add inches on their biceps rapidly while working out. Furthermore, the steroid can be injected directly into the specific muscle that the athlete needs to be enlarged, letting them choose the muscle distribution.

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