Blogger treats her skin with a fun face mask… but her attempt at a pamper session leaves everyone in stitches

Blogger treats her skin with a fun face mask… but her attempt at a pamper session leaves everyone in stitches

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The amusing face mask fail has been shared more than 25,000 times on Twitter
INDULGING in a pampering consultation may be simply what you need to kick-start a calming weekend.

But regrettably, one blogger suffered a prime beauty fail when trying out a lovely-looking skin care product.

Jo Lammert, from Austin, Texas, slathered on a Korean “lively animal face mask infused with soothing pink grapefruit”.

The packaging of the product regarded to indicate that she’d come to be with lovely cat-themed masks on her face.

But whilst she placed it on, Jo ended up searching hilariously terrifying.
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