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There are literally hundreds of ways to discover what celebrities are up to. They are splattered all over the net, the magazine rack, and the tv. Whatever antics your celeb is up to, it is assumed that a person will recognize approximately it and are capitalizing on it. The real problem is picking out the real news from the garbage, and unfortunately, there may be a lot of garbage to choose through now and again. It looks as if celebrities make outrageous stuff up to get the attention or take the eye far from their non-public lives! However, if you want the real news, there are some authentic resources.

First, narrow down which celebrities you want to comply with. Magazines usually go after the most outrageous and newsworthy celebs, so until you want to follow those tales, it is great to save your money. A higher region to look is in enjoyment sections in online pages and MSN.Com, Yahoo.Com, and TMZ.Com. If you are looking for celeb bashing, evaluations, and the darker entertainment aspect, you ought to swing by blogs like Perez Hilton and WWTDD.Com (What Would Tyler Durden Do?). These well-known blogs exhibit the worst that celebrities ought to offer and deliver sturdy opinions on the matter too.

However, if you need to get greater non-public with the superstar, then it is time to hit the net. Most celebs have their own net page, which they either paintings on themselves or have their workforce paintings on. This is a great manner of studying what they’re as much as. You also can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or MySpace; but, make sure that the man or woman you are following is without a doubt your superstar and no longer a fraud. This is a wonderful way to observe your superstar as closely as viable without honestly being there.


There are a few things to watch out for a while looking out for today’s superstar news. First off, watch out for the one’s bloggers! Most celeb bloggers are celeb bashers, and while this could be a laugh to study in case you hate a movie star, it’s no longer so top-notch if you want the movie star to be walloped. Second, the tabloids are some distance from the gospel in reality; the maximum of its miles horrible, so take all of it with a massive grain of salt. Finally, usually have a discerning eye approximately what you are reading. Many rumor turbines will best file on half of the fact, and you will lose out on loads of the story. Surprisingly, the first-class area to discover suitable data for your celebrity is online, given that in recent times all celebrities have some sort of web page reporting on their sports.

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