“Handsome hero” cop is latest internet star after saving woman from river

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (WTHR) – A Florida cop is getting a variety of attention and for plenty extra than his heroic rescue of a female located floating in a river.

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Billy Irvin and other officers responded to a 911 call approximately a body floating in the St. Johns River Tuesday. Irvin jumped into the river to rescue the lady as the modern started out wearing the body downstream.

Once Irvin got to the lady and determined she turned into a live, 3 creation workers who have been running close by helped Irvin get the woman out of the water and onto the workers’ boat.

That first-rate act of heroism is the simplest part of why Irvin is turning into a web sensation.

A fellow sergeant took a photograph of Irvin after he came out of the water, his t-shirt and pants soaking wet, maintaining his boots, and posted it to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

As the kudos rolled in, so did the swooning over the handsome officer. One commenter noted there could probably be an increase in girls “jumping into the river, waving their hands whilst he’s on shift.”

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