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Japan has always been reviewed as the place where you would find the most unconventional things happen. We are talking about the street fashion of Harajuku, the maid cafes, vending machines, technology, anime, and the otaku culture. It is also naturally blessed with great scenic beauty and history that beautifully co-exists with the current urban surroundings.

Here, we take a look at the 5 things you got to do while in Japan because this list is synonymous with everything truly Japanese.

1 Shopping at Harajuku, Tokyo

Harajuku is the center of Japanese youth culture and fashion. Harajuku is most popularly known for its vintage and garish styles and thrift shopping.

Some places to see in Harajuku are:

Loafer Harajuku: Located in the center of Harajuku, it is a 13 story building that has many small boutiques that sells garish and eccentric clothing. This kind of fashion is typical of the Harajuku street style.

Pass the Baton: Here, you will be able to shop for antiques, second-hand furniture art, and clothing, many of which have previously been owned by celebrities.

G2?: Here, shop for vintage clothing from the 1950s to 1980s, all organized accordingly to style, from kitsch to classic, even vintage high-end designer wear.

2 Food

Japan is known around the world for its sushi and wagyu meat. Here, we give you 3 food options you have to try when in Japan.


Ganso Zushi: This is an eatery chain that serves up the cheapest sushi via conveyor belt. The menu here is also in English. Prices start at $ 1.72. They have sushi in tuna, salmon, fatty tuna, sweet prawn, swordfish, and sea urchin.

Sushi- Ro: It is one of Japan’s most famous sushi chains that is very popular among college students and children. Sushi –Ro serves udon and other items besides sushi.

Ramen :

Ramen-tei: Located on the side streets around Sensoji, the noodles here have a superior taste for its price. This place is famous for being frequently featured on television programs.

Hidakaya: Has 330 stores in the Kanto region, it prides itself in bringing out traditional flavors. This chain specializes in Chinese style ramen and meals. They have 12 different varieties of ramen.

Vending machines: Experience the vending machine culture in Japan. They have all sorts of items from drinks and chips to underwear and cigarettes and everything in between.

3 Cherry Blossom

The first cherry blossoms arrive in January in Okinawa, Kyoto, and Tokyo in late March and early April and Hokkaido in early May.

Mount Yoshina: Covered in around 30,000 cherry trees, this place is the most popular cherry blossom viewing place in Japan. There are four distinct stations in the ascent to this mountain, with various viewpoints and food stalls along the way.

Shinjuku Gyoen: It is a park located at the center of Tokyo city. This park has around 1000 cherry trees, early bloomers, and late bloomers, making the cherry season longer in this park.

Mount Fuji: Mount Fuji is the most famous mountain in Japan. View cherry blossoms here from Hokage and the Fuji Five lakes region for the best views.

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4 Onsen

Onsen is a hot spring in Japanese. Japan has thousands of onsens because of the numerous volcanic activities that happen frequently.

Some of the suggested onsens to visit are:

Hakone Onsen: It is located one and half hours away from Tokyo, both by bus and train. Situated along two rivers, there are various accommodation styles to choose from: traditional, historic, and modern. There are many day spa facilities available.

Yufein Onsen: Located at the foot of Mt. Yufudake, this onsen is one heavily favored by women, and accommodations are located in the rural areas to make your stay more scenic. There are also restaurants and clothing stores available.

Kusatsu Onsen: It is one of the most famous onsens in Japan and is located in Gunma. This facility allows you to visit multiple onsens for free and there are many nice cafes and inns in the city.

5 100 YEN Shops

100 yen shops are popular because they are extremely cheap and have good quality items. Most pieces at these shops retail for 100 yen ( 0.90 USD).

Some of these shops are :

Seria: The product section has home necessities, DIY craft supplies, and knick-knacks. These stores are found inside most Marui malls. Check out the ceramics section for great finds. The Seria store in Shinjuku is the best outlet to get your shopping done.

Daiso: This is a three-floor shop located in Harajuku and sells household products and souvenirs. Here, you can buy LCD digital wristwatch for 99 yen.

Natural Kitchen: This French-inspired place offers great products that are mostly priced at 99 yen. If you are looking to stock up on shabby, chic kitchenware, shop at this place. This store is located in Shibuya.

Note: All the 100 yen places mentioned here are localities of Tokyo city.

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