A Must Read For Sexually Assaulted Victims

A Must Read For Sexually Assaulted Victims

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Did you know that about 1 in every 5 women are sexually assaulted in the United States? That’s equivalent to 18.3%. Men are also a victim of sexual harassment. About 1 in every 71 men have reported cases of rape. That’s about 1.4%. According to these figures, women are more prone to sexual harassment.

attorney Ravi Sattiraju from Sattiraju Law Firm, there are a few different ways you can hold a sexual assaulter responsible. For example, if the assault happened in the workplace, an employment lawyer may help. While, if it happened at a school, you might need to consult a Title IX lawyer.

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What exactly is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is the use of offensive sexual remarks sexual advances on an individual without their consent. For instance, some individuals suffer sexual harassment in their workplace. Workplace sexual harassment falls into 2 categories. The first includes an intimidating work environment.

This means an environment that allows the prevalence of shameful sexual remarks or jokes. The second category is quid pro quo sexual harassment. This involves instances when a person trials to give gifts or favors in exchange for sexual contact. Anyone can be subjected to a hostile work environment. Unfortunately, we are in a society where there is no respect regardless of age.

So, sexual harassment is not limited to age, gender, profession, or social status. But for one to commit sexual harassment that falls in the quid pro quo category, they must be senior in the workplace. If you have experienced any sexual harassment of the mentioned category in your workplace, be sure to contact competent sexual harassment lawyers today for help.

How to tell if it was a Sexual Harassment

Some people think that sexual harassment is when one experiences forced and complete sexual penetration. But that’s not all. You can seek help from a skilled sexual harassment attorney if you have experienced the following;

  • Any sexually related touching without your consent.
  • Sexually charged conversations. This includes the sharing of nude photos, jokes, or messages that trigger an uncomfortable working environment.
  • Promotion offers and performance recommendations in exchange for sex.
  • Threats of work termination and bad reviews if you fail to offer sex.
  • Nagging comments about your body that are sex attached
  • Offensive comments or questions regarding a person`s sexual history, life, or preferences

Why Work with a Lawyer to Handle your Sexual Harassment Claim?

If you have experienced sexual harassment in your workplace, you may not win the case alone. In fact, you could be subjected to humiliation and stigmatization. To avoid that, you should consult with a sexual harassment lawyer who has experience with these types of cases. They can help you file a claim with the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). That way, your case investigation will kick-off. In case you spent your money as a result of the sexual harassment, the lawyer will ensure that the company compensates you in return.

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