Ideas for Social Distancing-Compatible Gift Giving with WhitePreGifts

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Despite the strange times we live in, life still goes on. Even with social distancing and stay-at-home directives in place, our need to celebrate birthdays with loved ones and show appreciation to others still persists. Gift giving is still one of the best ways to let a person know how much you care. With movement and gathering restricted, you may be wondering what the best kinds of gifts to celebrate a child’s graduation or a dear friend’s special day are. Gift cards are not just a reliable go-to as a token of love, but it’s easier than ever to share with your favorite recipient for any occasion, and here’s how WhitePreGifts can help you find the perfect gift.

10 Great Customised Gifts Ideas You Will Love

Sending a Gift Card

Gone are the days of having to figure out what present to buy for a person’s birthday or special accomplishment. Instead of spending time determining what to buy and hoping that the recipient likes it, you can buy a gift card for their favorite retailer or a card that they can use to get something that you know they want or need. Whereas cash is often considered impersonal and can easily be lost, a card can be registered for some loss protection level and replaced. Digital or online gift cards are difficult to lose but add an extra convenience level, especially when you’re socially distancing.

Coming up With Gift Ideas

Although gift cards can take much of the uncertainty and guesswork out of sending presents, it’s still important to send one that the recipient will appreciate and use. It’s easy enough to ask someone where they like to shop and find an applicable card. If the card is part of a surprise, you may have to be a bit clever to find the right gift. You should consider the cause for celebration as a guide for a gift. Someone who is graduating high school and going to college may benefit from a card to a retailer that sells college-level school supplies. WhitePreGifts offers a range of cards that make excellent gifts.

streaming content through providers such as Netflix, Hulu, etc., is proving to be a lifesaver. These streaming platforms offer so many choices when it comes to entertainment. Whereas network and cable TV programming offer content according to a set schedule, streaming services, for the most part, are nearly 100% On Demand. These platforms offer everything, including original content, award-winning films, documentaries, classic sitcoms, and reality TV. You can pass the hours binge-watching your favorite content at any time of the day. There’s something available for viewers of every age group. Consider sending a gift card to a streaming provider so that they can enjoy a period of free entertainment.

Listening and Learning

Films and TV shows aren’t the only way to pass the time when stuck at home. Enjoying and appreciating music is a great way to make use of your time when self-quarantining. WhitePreGifts brings you gift cards that can be used to buy digital songs or pay for streaming digital. Gift cards to the Google Play Store and iTunes store can be used to add new music or classic favorites to your computers and mobile devices to relax, unwind and set a mood of calm. Do you like listening to people discuss various topics in-depth? Podcasts are available at many of these online content stores for your downloading and listening pleasure. For a friend or family member that’s into books, audiobook content is another great gift idea. Hearing an exciting story read by soothing and/or famous voices is an enjoyable pastime for many.

Getting Your Game On

Staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t socialize online with gamers near and far. WhitePreGifts has premium gift cards to PlayStation Network and XBOX for at-home entertainment through the world of gaming. From role-playing games to head-to-head races, you’re sure to find a video game that provides hours of entertainment for safe, socially distant interactions. In addition to console-specific gifts, there are plenty of game-specific cards for in-game purchases to enhance your play and gaming experience. Choose from popular games such as Fortnite, Mario Kart, and Call of Duty, among several others. Electronic game enthusiasts come in all ages, so the perfect gift card is available to celebrate those special people in your life.

Covering Your Bases

Despite all the available electronic content that can be consumed when at home, you still might be unsure of what to get your loved one as a present. In this situation, an gift card is the perfect solution. Your recipient can choose from millions of items that can be delivered right to their doorstep. From flowers to household items to games to food products, you can find nearly anything in Amazon’s vast inventory to let somebody know how much you appreciate them. Amazon also offers a wide range of digital content from movies to books to music and much more. These gift cards never expire, so recipients can put items on a wish list and score big on a really great sale!

It cannot be overstated that gift cards are excellent gifts that can be enjoyed at home or out and about. They’re a lot more personal and safer than cash, and you run a low risk of getting someone something they don’t like or can’t use. Online gift cards from WhitePreGifts offer the ultimate in convenience and social distancing-compatible gifting. Once you find the cards you want to send, it’s easy to select the card value and specify the email address for quick and easy electronic delivery.

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