How To Make a Memorable Birthday Celebration During the Pandemic

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This year’s birthday celebrations are a challenge, especially if it’s a milestone birthday. With so many people having to spend time away from friends, work, and school to help avoid spreading the Coronavirus, families and loved ones struggle to come up with ideas to make a memorable birthday celebration for someone special to them. Several creative ways exist to commemorate a special birthday while observing pandemic norms and avoiding physical contact with others. Check out these ideas to make a memorable birthday celebration during the pandemic.

Birthday Celebration

Use Video Calls

The video conference is the best tool to keep in contact this year. Instead of sending a text, direct message, or a traditional phone call for someone’s special day, choose to make it a video call. When meeting up with family and friends is impossible, a video call makes for a viable alternative. Chatting with a video app conference tool helps people feel more connected to each other. Rather than simply getting a message via words or hearing someone’s voice, the video enhances communication with nonverbal cues and more meaning behind the conversation.

Have a Drive-By Celebration

A drive-by celebration may be perfect if you want to make your celebration even more special and get closer to the birthday celebrant without breaking social distancing rules. In a birthday drive-by celebration, the special day is filled with many families and friends driving over to the birthday boy or girl’s home, parading and waving hello. This is a great way to see each other and stay connected during quarantine times. Drivers can remain safely in their cars, or the birthday celebrant can watch from inside the home to prevent spreading the virus.

Host a Virtual How-to

Another great idea that could be implemented for any birthday celebration is hosting a virtual event with the celebrant and close friends or family members. One idea is to choose an event that everyone can participate in via video conference, such as decorating cupcakes, painting a piece of artwork, cooking something special, or constructing a craft. Before the big day, deliver or mail out the supplies for the how-to and schedule a specific time for the video call. It’s also fun to play a virtual birthdays game like trivia or board games to continue the celebration.

Send Gift Cards

If you’re trying to pick a special birthday gift, it’s tough when you can’t deliver the present in person. Post office delays and costly shipping problems make sending a specific contribution to a special birthday girl or boy challenging. One suggestion is to skip the traditional gift and opt for Finese gift cards. Finesse Gift cards are easy to send, even last minute. Best of all, they can be delivered electronically, which skips the post office’s hassle and the threat of spreading the virus to your loved ones. One of the best things about Finese gift cards is that you can get a wide variety of gift cards for any boy or girl.

Decorate the Lawn

Decorations also make someone feel special, especially to mark a birthday event. The element of surprise can be utilized with some types of socially-distanced decor. A recent birthday celebratory trend is to decorate the lawn with the birthday boy or girl’s favorite colors and characters. Birthday signs, balloons, and other outdoor-friendly décor choices can help make a birthday in quarantine special and memorable.

Send Cards or Deliveries

Suppose the birthday celebrant has his or her heart set on a specific gift or appreciates traditional cards where you can write a personal message and add a Finese gift card. In that case, making this happen during a pandemic is still possible. If you live close to the birthday boy or girl, schedule a time to do a drive-by delivery of the gift and place it outside the front door. You can wrap the present up with beautiful wrapping paper and ribbons to enhance the experience and make it fun. Consider bringing a hand-decorated card to your friend or loved one to make the delivery more meaningful and unforgettable.

Host a Socially-Distanced Celebration

In some cities and locales, if the virus cases and deaths are coming down, scheduling an in-person gathering for a birthday party may be possible. Even with low virus numbers, wearing masks and social distance will still be necessary, but people can see others in person and connect. Choose an outdoor venue to make distancing more possible and safer, such as a farm, park, playground, or another place with plenty of open areas and greenery. Additionally, limit serving communal food dishes to avoid spreading germs. Instead, consider carry-out catering in individual containers.

Many creative ideas exist to celebrate a birthday or another special event with video calls, deliveries, Chinese gift cards, and more. It’s possible to mark a special occasion this year during the pandemic while people are in quarantine and socially-distancing. Make this year’s birthday a success with some of these fabulous ideas.

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