Advertising For Your Business Then and Now

Advertising For Your Business Then and Now

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How do people know your business exists? Advertising, of course. Advertising over the years has changed. The products we use and crave have evolved over time. Nowadays, the Internet and social media have become one of the greatest influencers through advertisement to entice people to buy a business’s product or services. Here is a look at the advertisement industry then and now and how it influences what we choose to buy.

Advertising 40 years ago

The mid-1970s brought on a new wave of advertisement as the earlier decade recession started to ease up and many in America owned color television sets. Although print advertising was still used as it is today, television ads became the newest and best way to get a product in front of the consumer. The 1970s also used science-based statistics to better influence the consumer into buying a product. It is much like the data collection of today to pinpoint what each individual desires in their life and to get an ad of what they want to them.

The goal of advertising back then

In the ’70s, sales and revenue were slipping for some major companies. Many advertisements were focused on getting the consumers attention and gaining customers that seemed to have dropped off. With color television and the movement of actual people on screen, it was not difficult to get the country’s attention about a product. Dancing, music, and people helped get consumers watching and wanting whatever was being advertised on television. Television advertising became very powerful. Television advertising is still powerful, but now the Internet and social media have become the dominating advertising tool television once was.

Advertising today

The amount of goods and services offered today is dizzying. It is the goal of every business to attract many customers to succeed. If you don’t, your business is dead. SEO and websites are some of the most powerful forces for getting your brand seen by millions. Keywords, images, and celebrities help too. Advertising has gotten a bit personalized these days, as the search engines watch our every move and know us sometimes better than we do. We live in a world with fewer secrets.

What can businesses do?

Becoming part of the advertising web on the Internet takes a little research and good wording. HigherVisibility SEO guide, websites, books, speeches, and communicating with the right people are excellent ways for businesses to create the right Internet content to get their goods and services popular. When a business knows its target audience and focuses their advertising on them, a lot can happen. Driving customers to a website is as important these days as it was getting someone in the doors of a store years ago.

What do people want today?

Most people work, have a home, care about their appearance, drive cars, have an activity, eat, and love their family and friends. People want things that make them feel superior. People also enjoy products that make their lives more beautiful, easier, or those products that have a competitive edge. Businesses have been appealing to these emotions and styles for years. Goods and services range from the cheap to the ridiculously luxurious and there are people in the world for every kind. It is the job of the advertiser to reach the specific people that want what a business is offering to ensure business success.

What is going on in advertising?

For right now the social media influencers and pop-up advertising is very strong and will continue to be. Target advertising, based on your search engine, will continue as a strong way to get the consumer exactly what they are looking for when they are looking for it. What is next? How much more defined can you get than targeting exactly what someone is typing into their search engine? No matter how complicated life gets, it also seems to stay somewhat the same, as the basic necessities in life will always be a requirement for life.

It is an exciting time for advertising. It is forever a challenge to figure out the best way to get the image of your product to the public so they click and buy. Although saving the environment definitely seems to be a theme that is becoming something none of us can ignore, businesses have to work hard to get our attention.

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