4 Points to Make a Compelling Corporate Video

4 Points to Make a Compelling Corporate Video

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Offline marketing is now ancient, and Online Marketing is taking its place in today’s world. Today, about 3.2 billion people uses the internet, which is about half the population of this planet. Therefore, it is very evident, that the companies will get half of their target audience through the online platform. Now, online marketing or digital marketing has different genres, like social media marketing, video marketing etc., and from these genres, video marketing has sky rocketed way above others. In marketing, there is a common phrase, which is “Numbers don’t lie”, and rightly so, because, all the statistics by some of the top firms of the world has revealed that, video marketing has taken the first place, when it comes to attracting audiences. Different surveys, like the one done by Invodo, reveals that about 84% of all the companies in the world, who target the online audience, have been using video marketing as an effective tool. Cisco, one of the biggest networking sector in the world, has revealed that, within 2017, most of the traffic, about 70% will be from video marketing, while another survey says that, visitors tend to stay about two minutes more, if they can find a visual contact.

Consider over 60% of your visitors, actually share the video content from your website, and it will give you the importance of video marketing for your company. Now, it is always not true that every video can attract the masses. Sometimes, company fail to attract masses even after they have made a video. Now, you need to know some of the tips that is very important in making a corporate video.


  • Close Collaboration-: If you are a business owner, you need to meet the producer, and tell him/her about the mission and visions of your company. It is really very important for you as a company owner, to be in close collaboration with the producer, since, he/she also has to understand what your company does. You may also invite the employees of your company for a brainstorming session, so that they may also give in some innovative ideas. The main principle for a corporate video, is, you need to tell a story, that your target audience may react to, or at least relate to. This, will give your company more hits.
  • Work on the Script-: The script needs to be compelling. You need to compel the audience with your storyline, about your company, which means, the script needs to be molded in a way, so that the audience may feel, that your company is worth trying once. Basically, you need to tell your company’s story in less than a minute. This one minute must be so that, the audience gets engaged and interested in your company.
  • Get Creative-: Today, in the modern age, people think about the idea for their corporate videos for days and month, before they finalize on a specific thing. Therefore, you also need to get creative in this highly competitive age. You can also incorporate some 2D and 3D effects here and there, to engage them more.However, being creative is not the only thing you need to focus on to capture your viewer’s attention. It’s imperative that you produce high quality videos by using tools and equipments that can help you achieve that goal. There are lenses such as  Kowa Anamorphic rental available online that not only helps you get better imagery but can add flare and bokeh effects as well.
  • Call to Action-: If you can include a call to action in your video, and if it related to your company, then your video is a big hit. Audience always crave for something more, in a corporate video, and a call to action is the exact thing that might click for you.

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