3 Summer Job Ideas For Your Teenager

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A great way for your teenager to learn some adult responsibilities is to take on a job in the summer between school years. It doesn’t have to be full time or even require that much brainpower. The goal isn’t making a six-figure salary or require lots of stress; the point is to teach them the value of having a commitment and contributing to society. If you have been thinking about involving them in some kind of a job that will require them to pick up on some extra responsibility, here are some ideas known as being great choices for summer jobs for teenagers.

3 Summer Job Ideas For Your Teenager 1


Doing work around backyards for some extra cash isn’t just a good way for them to make some extra money and get comfortable charging people for services, which will help them with business skills later in life. In addition to learning negotiating skills, it is also great physical activity and something that will burn off energy. It gets them away from the TV or their phones and backs out into nature.


Paper Route

A good old-fashioned paper route teaches the value of waking up early and following a routine and schedule. Usually, you can find these job listings in local newspapers or online forums. Since the pay isn’t that high, it is usually the ideal job for a student only looking for some pocket change. Many parents have fond memories of the paper routes they had as children. Why not encourage the same nostalgia for your kids? One of those experiences that you can look fondly back on one day when papers are only available digitally.


Babysitting is a great way to teach accountability and preparing kids for parenthood later in life. Giving them a dose of what it is like to care for a younger child and perhaps even ward against teen pregnancy in some cases by giving them a taste of what it is like to care for a younger human. Babysitting is flexible and can be done for neighbors on your street or for family members. Make sure to help your teen create marketing strategies such as signs to hang up or perhaps business cards. This can be a great exercise for them to learn how to get their foot in the door and sell their product. If you have younger children, perhaps you can even use them for your own services. Paying them a salary to babysit their siblings is something that many parents opt for rather than just expecting them to do it for free. It gives them a sense of accomplishment and creates less frustration for the teen.

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