Look back at Anita Pallenberg’s most stylish looks of all time

Look back at Anita Pallenberg’s most stylish looks of all time

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“The concept of this collaboration is to present a platform to five creatives with distinct cultural backgrounds. They realize the way to take the precise power engendered through fusing distinct cultural impacts and translate it into top notch merchandise,” explains Sabine Ringel, Creative Lead at MINI FASHION. “The truth that these migrants have skilled and crossed national and cultural boundaries is the very motive for the richness and depth in their designs. And they’ve added those perspectives with them into the MINI FASHION – BEYOND NATIVE series.”
Five expressive style objects for the city tourist.
The collaboration with MINI has produced five fashion objects for urban traveler who enjoys roaming among unique cultures and approaches of life, both inside the metropolis and beyond. The products from designers Diego Vanassibara, Edwina Hörl, Pronounce, Post-Imperial and Perret Schaad combine traditional cultural cues inherent of their international locations of beginning with present day factors from their adopted homes. BEYOND NATIVE is stimulated by one of the maximum diverse residing environments of all: the metropolis, MINI’s natural habitat.
Diego Vanassibara – Shoes for the City vacationer.
Born in Brazil, Diego Vanassibara now lives and works in the UK. The peaceful rural vicinity of Brazil in which he grew up couldn’t be more unique from his gift-day home of London. Diego blends his early influences with the city, architectural and historical stimuli of London to create a state-of-the-art take on guys’ shoes. His layout for the BEYOND NATIVE series is primarily based on the conventional British derby style, a fashionable leather shoe that he translates with Brazilian lightness and innovative nonchalance. The laser-cut hollow pattern offers the black leather-based higher a light and ethereal sense. This contrasts with a chunky corrugated sole, which catches the attention with its novel blend of vulcanized rubber and cloth. The blue insole, meanwhile, adds an extra splash of coloration in familiar MINI fashion.
Edwina Hörl – A coat for the city tourist.


Austrian-born Edwina Hörl lives and works in Japan. The self-taught fashion designer addresses cutting-edge social issues with her biannual collections and seeks to stir crucial debate in the procedure. For the BEYOND NATIVE series, she drew her idea from the design of a traditional Japanese hair coat and teamed up with MINI to style a conveniently tailored, unisex linen coat. By incorporating some innovative trench coat details, she has succeeded in absolutely converting the impact and characteristic of this conventional item of garb. Dyed natural indigo, the coat has a semi coated lining, which has various properties, a few reputedly antiviral. A separate bag can either be connected to the belt or worn as a shoulder bag by means of using the belt as a strap. Both versions provide lots of room for all city journey essentials.




Pronounce – A hoodie for the urban vacationer.
Yushan Li and Jun Zhou, the two minds at the back of promising new label Pronounce, are firstly from China but spend some of their time living and operating in Italy. At Pitti Uomo 91 in January this year, MINI and Condé Nast presented them with “The Latest Fashion Buzz” award, and they’re now embarking on the following leg in their innovative journey with MINI via their contribution to the BEYOND NATIVE collection. Their oversized hoodie capabilities a clever, cutting-edge layout combining silk, denim and jersey cloth. The blend of substances is intended to represent the fusion of various cultures in the garment. The comfy cut and blend of materials make the hoodie ideal for carrying almost anywhere and to a spread of activities.
Post-Imperial – A headscarf for the urban traveler.

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