Questions You Must Ask Your Tattoo Artist

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Is getting tattooed on your to-do list? Are you in search of an experienced tattoo artist? If yes, then make sure to do thorough research on the tattoo professional before hiring. It is extremely important to feel comfortable while getting a tattoo on your skin, and only an expert will care about your comfort level while tattooing.

Tattoo Artist

Now, you might be wondering how to know which tattoo artist is trustworthy. To ascertain that the tattoo artist is reliable or not, ask him the following set of questions.

Question 1. Are you licensed? 

It is the most crucial thing that you should check before hiring a tattoo artist. License is a sign of authentication. It indicates that the artist has gone through proper training and is guaranteed. In case your tattoo artist denies showing the license, then immediately step out of their shop. Only go with the licensed professional for such delicate services.

Question 2. Do you offer touch-ups?

Post-tattoo touch-ups are common. Almost all the artists provide at least one free touch-up after you have been inked. However, it is crucial to have a clear scenario about touch-ups before selecting any professional.

Question 3. Can I see your portfolio? 

Looking at the portfolio of the tattoo artist, you will have a clear idea about their work. You will get to know about their style and how accurate they are at tattooing. This will help you in deciding whether you should pick them for tattoo service or not. While checking their past work, do ask them if they can ink a personalized tattoo for you or not.

Question 4. From how long you are tattooing? 

Tattooing is an art, it requires dedication. Not everyone can do it perfectly. A lot of practice is needed to become a pro at tattooing. More the experience better the services you will get. So, make sure to ask the tattoo artist about how long they have been into tattooing profession. A skilled artist has worked for a number of clients and thus can provide you with a better experience.

Question 5. Do you have autoclave or any other sterilization? 

Sterilization is extremely essential for any tattoo shop. Tattoo artists should have their autoclave and must know the ins and outs of proper sterilization. But, if they can show you that their needles are all pre-packed in sterile packs, you can trust them and need not to worry.

Furthermore, make sure to check the cleanliness of the shop before you agree to get tattooed.

Question 6. What is your price? 

Before opting for the services of any tattoo artist, make sure to ask their price range. They will have different price ranges for different types and sizes of tattoos. Roam around in the market and check the prices of three to four artists. Then go with the one you feel most suitable. It is highly recommended not to go for low prices as the quality of the service can suffer.

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