Top 4 Things to Consider Before Having Rhinoplasty

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Everyone wishes to have that perfect facial feature, and the most highlighting feature on one’s face is the human nose. Every face has a set of proportions and dimensions that tend to make the nose stand out because it doesn’t quite fit – this is what normally drives one to get a rhinoplasty.

Normally, this will be a nose that has been sculpted to have improved aesthetics but doesn’t look like a nose that should belong to someone else. You definitely don’t want to hear “Hey, nice nose job!” and you would prefer to hear “You look nice – what did you do?”? Any day, anytime. During their consultation, women normally realize that the new characteristics they want for their noses are really all about making their noses look more feminine. Sadly, it seems that many women have inherited a masculine nose (i.e., it looks more like their Dad’s than their Mom’s!). For a woman, the sculpting of the nose to look more feminine is another crucial strategy to bring it more into shape with the rest of the face. For a man, the nose’s ideal reshaping will simultaneously maintain (or assert) its masculinity. Soul Crazy

Rhinoplasty also referred to as a nose job, is one of the convoluted and intricate surgeries. This is also one of the oldest plastic surgery and is tedious to perform. It is an elective surgical change to the nose; surgery is not needed due to trauma, disease, or congenital malformation. It is simply a change to one’s nose because they want it to look different. At times, the surgeon barricades the nasal support, which is essential for nasal airway, during the surgery, which leads to the feeling of congestion.

  • Refrain from Doing Exercise for One Month

The most common forms of disorders you may face after the surgery are swelling and bruising. An increased heart rate can lead to more swelling, and this is something you would never want to face after having nose surgery. A heart rate of more than 100, common in any given cardio, probably could be one of the dominant reasons for your nose to swell, bruise and even bleed.


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A person who goes through nose surgery will feel even worse on the third or fourth than the first day. Hence one should spare at least ten days from the regular schedule of work.

  1. Have Decent Knowledge about the Surgeon

If you plan for a nose job, you have to be very particular about picking the surgeon. The surgery’s success rate will majorly depend on the skills, experience, and ability of the surgeon.

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