Assisted Living Software – A knowhow

Assisted Living Software – A knowhow

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The ease of management and setup means everything can be up and running in days.

InTouchLink makes the Web for senior residents simple! This user-friendly design is made for seniors to easily access email, Internet, photos, and more. InTouchLInk ( has been designed with and for senior living operators and communities.Its specialty is improvising the senior living in the community. The seniors in the community prefer something which is easy to learn and adapt in their way of living.

with the objective of happy ageing and comfort to the connected senior members. By allowing the seniors have a participative role in the community happenings and embrace this culture as a part of modern living, also ensure that there is maximum occupancy in your residential community. There is a win-win approach suggested by this senior living software system. One is the commercial aspect of it, which ensures that the modern technology eliminates the nuances of senior living and offers an easy to use approach of connectedness and security. There is an upward growth in demand not only by the residents but also the internal staff members. Each one finds time to do their work in more systematic and automated way. By doing this, the staff members are also available for doing other important errands. From both aspects, there is an upgrowth cycle which not only benefits the occupants but also the residential staff and owners. There are often things which the owners are not able to pursue for the benefit of the community due to budget constraints. For example, allocating a dedicated space for quite reading or additional park spaces or any other renovation related activities.

Technology driven software

With the adaption of this technology driven software, they become ambassadors of offering comfortable and modern living. This ensures maximum occupancy, leading to more employment of the staff members. The salaries are also revised to an upward approach with the residence community benefiting with higher numbers. All-inclusive featured software which helps you, adjusts at your pace and delivers everything pertaining to communication with the family, residents and staff members. InTouchLink comes with its win-win approach giving its community a better visibility in the market. Al its features makes it a sought after software in the senior community. It not only makes the residents happier but also improvises themarketing of the community.

The happier the residents, family members and staff are, the more is the demand for being a part of that community. As a promise of providing the most comfortable senior care, the InTouchLink software builds a strong foundation of trust in the community. A trust through shared information. This renewed sense of security and connectedness ensures happy living for the seniors. The power of engagement through the different featured entertainment apps ensures that each member connected to it is fully engaged. It links the entire community through a click or touch and ensures that no one is secluded in the community.

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