Bread Pizza Recipe

Bread Pizza Recipe

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Pizza is the most delicious fast food that we all love to savor. Our age doesn’t matter for eating a pizza. But on that point are many pizza varieties to try. Everyone holds their favorite pizzas, but some like bread pizza as well, as it’s a quick recipe and you don’t require a bunch of ingredients to cook it as well. You can have bread, pizza for breakfast, evening snacks, etc. A bread pizza can be a home-made one, or you can also order it online by availing yourself of food panda coupons to get the best price for your dish. Though, I would still like to share the bread pizza recipe. Note the recipe and cook it at home. Your snack can be more delectable with this bread pizza.

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Bread is the main ingredient to make a pizza. It can be any bread, whole wheat flour bread, Multigrain one or brown bread, or a loaf of sandwich bread. It is absolutely worthy of your choice. Next would be an oven, don’t worry, even if you don’t have an oven, a pan will work, but make sure you don’t use a light pan, as it gets the bread burnt from the bottom. The total time would take around 30 minutes, including 10 minutes for preparation and 20 minutes to cook.

For light bread toasting:

  • You would need 6 bread slices (any bread of your choice)
  • Olive oil or it can be butter as well.

Toppings to taste great:

  • Pizza sauce would be required
  • 1 medium onion to be trimmed in tiny square blocks.
  • 1 tomato to be cut into tiny cubes. (Note: The tomato can be optional).
  • 1 capsicum to be cut in tiny cubes or pieces again.
  • 5-6 sliced olives. (This can be optional, as some people are allergic to olives, so add accordingly.)
  • Oregano to be added as per requirement.
  • Dried basil as per requirement.
  • Black pepper or crushed black pepper powder as per requirement.
  • It would be great if you can add one cup of normal cheese, as per its demand.
  • Red chilly flakes as per requirement. (Note: If you are preparing the bread pizza for young ones, make sure you don’t add too much of it, or rather don’t add)

The Recipe

For Toasting Bread:

  1. First, heat the heavy pan. Then spread around half a teaspoon of olive oil or butter on it. You can use butter if you or someone in your family is allergic to olive oil.
  2. Adjust the flame to its lowest or sim.
  3. Now, you have to keep the bread slice on the pan; it can be one or more than a slice, but to place more slices, make sure your pan is big enough. Otherwise, a single slice would be great.
  4. Toast the bread from both sides.

Now, I hope your bread is all set for further preparation. Let us know the recipe for making the bread pizza.

Bread Pizza and the Pan:

  • When the bread is toasted lightly, add some schezwan sauce if you don’t have pizza sauce.
  • Now add the onion cubes, which you have already chopped over it. (Make sure you keep all the mentioned veggies chopped and ready before you turn on the flame.)
  • Now it’s time to add the capsicum cubes over it; please note keeping the flame to the sim when adding toppings over the bread.
  • After the capsicum, it is the turn of tomato; add top tomato now. (As mentioned, tomato can be optional.)
  • Now dredge it with pepper powder or crushed black powder and the other herbs, oregano, and basil.
  • Turning off the flames while adding the toppings is recommended.
  • Add the mozzarella cheese or the pizza cheese, or you can also add some schezwan sauce to make it taste great and exotic, and cover the dish with a lid. It is suggestible that you keep the flame to the sim to avoid burning it.
  • Cook it till the bread is toasted and the cheese starts to melt.
  • Now separate the bread pizza from the pan and place it on a serving plate.
  • You can add some red chilly flakes or oregano if you want, but it is optional to serve for kids.
  • Now your pizza is ready, serve it with tomato ketchup or a pizza sauce.

Some recipe tips for your choice:

  • You can always add vegetables of your choice. It is no compulsion to add the mentioned vegetables. You can also add steamed corn kernels, sautéed mushrooms, or even spinach.
  • Some fresh green basil leaves can be added, instead of dried basil powder, though it tastes great.
  • A pizza seasoning will also look great and add an awesome taste instead of adding other dried herbs. But herbs are always good, you know!
  • Just use a heavy pan, and do not use a light pan, as a light pan can burn your pizza from the bottom.

The bread pizza recipe can clear your evening snack a great single. My mouth has already started watering by noting down the recipes. Now, what are you waiting for? Serve yourself with a bread pizza- a healthy and an evening snack for you and for your family with the recipes I have cited. Even if you are lazy to make a bread pizza yourself, don’t worry; I do have options for you. Just order it from FoodPanda, with exclusive Foodpanda coupons, and enjoy your snack, as your favorite bread pizza is now available on foodpanda with some exciting coupons.

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