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The death of a close one is a hard thing to process. However, several individuals would rather give their relatives and beloved an eco-friendly send-off than a more traditional one. This includes using eco-friendly caskets as well as urns to dispose of the remains. An eco-friendly funeral does not take away anything from the elements of a traditional funeral. Everything that you would like to do in a traditional funeral, you can do in a green funeral but ensure that you give back to the environment. It is a way to ensure a simple yet beautiful ceremony at the end of which there is no harm done to the environment. Even if you are not planning it for your close ones, you can think about it yourself.

The first step in an eco-friendly send-off is deciding how to dispose of the body. You can either cremate the body, which will have a minimal harmful impact on the environment in terms of the pollutants, or consider burying the body. Traditional burials involve several processes that ultimately harm the environment, such as embalming of the body and its subsequent burial in a casket that takes several years to decompose.

A green burial will also involve the body being buried in a ‘green’ cemetery where it can decompose and become a part of the earth within a concise period of time. If your worry here is that an eco-friendly casket will cost you more than a traditional casket, you don’t have to fear. There are several cost-effective options available for those who are on a budget. One of these options is a cardboard casket that is biodegradable and is approximately the same size as a regular casket.


For an eco-friendly burial, there are other things to consider apart from the disposal of the body. One must also look at how much waste will be generated during the funeral service and try to reduce this as much as possible. One of the more obvious ways to do this would be to limit the number of people attending as this will automatically result in fewer things being consumed and waste. Then, if flowers are involved in the proceedings, you could try to source them from a local store instead of outsourcing from elsewhere. And lastly, the programs that need to be printed and circulated can be done on handmade paper or recycled paper to ensure that the harm caused to the environment is minimal. At the end of the funeral, care must be taken to ensure that all recyclable wastes are processed accordingly and is separated from the rest of the waste.

All in all, eco-friendly burials have several advantages over traditional burials. To take your first step to give back to nature even when you are no longer there, visit Casket Depot at In addition to a variety of funeral caskets and urns that you can choose from, this company also donates part of its sales proceeds to the Canadian Cancer Society.

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