Top Block Puzzle Game Of 2020

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BlockuDoku – Free To Download On Google Play And The App Store

For owners of Android and Apple Devices devices, BlockuDoku is quickly becoming a favorite block puzzle game! Since its release, there have been well over 2 million downloads of the app in January 2020, according to That’s because Easybrain has yet again found a way to challenge our brains while creating an addictive experience.

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block puzzle games, challenging the mind while providing a fun and easy way to pass the time. Here are some of the types of apps they have developed:
  • Classic Sudoku
  • Color By Number
  • Spot The Differences
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Synthesizers
  • And More!

They have created their own original brain teaser game, successfully mashing together sudoku’s challenge with the addictive fun of a shape-matching game.

Benefits Of Brain-Teaser Apps

Contrary to popular belief, the wide availability of cellular devices’ and reliability can improve brain function when used properly. Interactive puzzle games may be used to strengthen hand-eye coordination or to keep up with problem-solving and other important brain functions that can weaken over the years.

By downloading a block puzzle game or another brain teaser, you can continue to challenge your mind. Of course, playing video games cannot guarantee immunity from the onset of brain disorders, but it is a known fact that the brain’s continued flexing may keep you sharp into the later years of your life.

In addition to providing us with hours of mindless fun, brain teasers serve a deeper purpose. Gamers can benefit from the mind-strengthening exercises of puzzle apps on their cell phones.

How BlockuDoku Works

You start off with an empty 9×9 grid and three shapes with which to fill it. Choose any of the three shapes consisting of one or more blocks and drop them onto the grid’s spaces. The goal is to fill up an entire 9-block line or 3×3 cube to “destroy” them and remove them from the board. Don’t fill up too much, and be sure to take your time. If you run out of space to place your shapes, it’s game over!

The catch is that you have to find a balance between filling lines and cubes to remove blocks from the board and completing combos and streaks to maximize your score. Try to beat your high score or compete against friends. Complete daily challenges to flex your mind muscles and pass the time in a fun way.

Get BlockuDoku For Free Today!

This game includes ads when downloaded for free. Ads can be removed for the low price of $4.99! Join the 5 million gamers who have downloaded the app from the Google Play Store and challenge yourself with a fun twist.

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