The Montessori Method of Education Is the Perfect Way to Get Success for Children

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The way a child is taught is the main predictor of how successful he or she will be in the future. The mode of learning, as well as the material being taught, also plays a key role. In this particular article, we will explore the Montessori Method of teaching and why it is considered the best way to make successful children.

  1. A learning environment without competition- firstly, schools that use Montessori teaching encourage each child to work at their own pace without entering into competition with other children. The child is taught to better one’s own performance in comparison to previous performances instead of the performances of others
  2. Mixed-age groups- Montessori classrooms have children of different ages constantly interacting with each other. Additionally, children are allowed to gradually proceed to higher levels of difficulty as they are ready and choose to do so. Therefore, this provides an interactive learning environment in which students of younger ages imitate their older, more qualified counterparts, and older students strengthen their own learning by assisting those junior to them.
  3. Freedom: the Montessori classroom emphasizes the freedom of the child for two reasons. First, to allow the child to grow and develop with no hindrances and use their own skills and techniques to assist this process. Secondly, to allow educators in the classroom to observe the development of the child in this free state to develop the best teaching methods suited to the individual
  • Will: Montessori educators believe in allowing children to exercise their will to choose the material they want to learn to grow and develop their personalities. This is at an age wherein children start to use their will to self-regulate their behavior and develop a sense of responsibility for their own actions. Additionally, using their will, children explore their abilities and understand concepts such as self-discipline and obedience through their observance of classroom rules. This process of becoming accustomed to staying peaceful and maintaining order is known as normalization


Normalization- in the process of normalization, children begin to overcome their inner impulses of rudeness and indiscipline and start following the social rules and norms. In the Montessori setting, this adjustment happens without adults actively participating in the correcting process. Children acquire this discipline through self-regulation by interacting and co-operating with those around, in the absence of rewards and punishments.

Without the presence of any harmful environmental factors, these children are seen to grow up to be extremely successful individuals who maintain their self-discipline and work towards their goals without harming those around them. To begin your child’s Montessori education today, click on to find the best quality Montessori materials for toddlers as well as primary and elementary school-goers. Categorized by subject and area of interest, this website has everything you will need and caters to the United States as well as Canada. Click on the link to learn more.

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