Five Tips to Ensure Safe Driving at Night

Five Tips to Ensure Safe Driving at Night

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Even the best of the drivers feel that driving at night is risky and dreadful. And why they shouldn’t feel so. Human eyes are terrible at maintaining depth perception, peripheral vision, and color identification when the sun goes down. Besides, a quick halt becomes a challenge when driving at a fast pace, with no room left for error. With so much danger involved, it comes as no surprise why traffic death rates are greater during the night than in the daytime.

Now, you may be aware of all the right things to do to ensure safe driving at night; however, revising them from time to time is crucial. That is why I thought of presenting my daily readers a few tips to revise to transverse dangerous and dark roads or highways of their city –

How to Stay Safe While Driving at Night: 5 Critical Tips

Dust accumulated on your windshield and windows may be harmless during the day but can get very annoying at night. In the absence of natural light, dirty windshields can tend to increase the glare from other vehicles, and unclean headlights can reduce your visibility and cast glare onto oncoming vehicle drivers.

  • Angle Your Headlights

Many times, headlights, even in brand new cars, maybe pointed lower than necessary. Due to that, you may not achieve the desired amount of illumination you need. On the other hand, when the headlights are pointed too high, that may get too blinding for the other cars. So, make sure you have them pointed perfectly – just as per the instructions in your owner’s manual.

  • Keep an Eye on Pedestrians & Wildlife

You will not see the walkers or joggers in their safety gear at all times. That can make them hard to spot after dark, especially on insufficiently lit roads. So, make sure you slow down at intersections and look both ways to avoid crashing into someone. Also, watch out for wild animals such as deer and foxes that may happen to come out of their habitat searching for food on roads.

  • Avoid Distractions

Texting, juggling with radio channels, eating, and resorting to such other activities in your car can take your attention off the road in no time. This makes you as well others driving on the road, more vulnerable to collisions. Therefore, stay away from such distractions and be focused. If you are sleepy, pull over aside and get some rest; the best would be taking a stopover for the night.

  • Have a Contact Number of Towing Services

Life is uncertain, and so are the journey/trips you take during the night. You may not know when your car breaks down or meets an unfortunate accident. In that case, the contact number of a reliable towing company saved on your speed dial list may come handy. Their experts can take care of any roadside problem you encounter and provide you with the emergency towing service you need.

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