A Comprehensive Discussion of Gas-Liquid Chromatography and Its Applications

A Comprehensive Discussion of Gas-Liquid Chromatography and Its Applications

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A standard analytical technique that is well accepted and is usually found in advanced laboratories is the application of gas-liquid chromatography. However, not all breweries and wineries, particularly those of the smaller scale, have implemented such a technique.

Ethanol, an organic chemical compound, can be easily identified by applying the gas-liquid chromatography technique in most cases relating to alcoholic drinks. It is a known volatile compound that is open for analysis by the method.

They use the flame ionization detector since it is found to be insensitive to water. Such a method is currently the regular process for analyzing beer in America, which is heavily implemented by winemakers.

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Forensic Procedure

It’s amazing how chemistry can significantly make a difference in crime-solving procedures. Gas chromatography is typically used in crime scene investigation, which you can view on procedural drama series or movies.

A common scenario is while testing the crime scene that involves cloth stained with blood. The process of analyzing the blood to get relevant information uses gas-liquid chromatography.

Furthermore, the verification process in arson cases heavily relies on the technique. It helps the authorities determine the chemicals used for the fire and corroborate the findings if there is an anomaly in the case.

Identifying if there is a presence of drugs, alcohol, or poisonous components in the body will require blood testing procedures, another case that gas-liquid chromatography is applied. Scientists who work for federal agencies have considered the technique to be part of their standard laboratory procedure.

Food Anomalies

There have been disturbing cases with meat vendors who tried to replace burger patties with horsemeat in the past. The gas-liquid chromatography technique was used instead of the conventional meat detection process to prove that there was indeed an anomaly.

Unfortunately, the traditional method failed to produce conclusive reports. Nowadays, food regulatory agencies rely on chemical procedures to ensure that consumers only get high quality and safe meat products.

Drug Test

The drug testing procedure, it involves testing blood samples. To ensure its accuracy and reliability, laboratories use gas-liquid chromatography to determine components in the blood.

Athletes are not new to drug testing since every tournament strictly requires such a procedure to ensure that they don’t use any drug enhancement products or illegal substances. And laboratories use gas-liquid chromatography for guaranteed results.

Alcoholic Drinks

Liquor manufacturers make use of gas-liquid chromatography to keep the quality of their products. It helps them determine the sugar level of the alcohol product, and this method has been proven to generate error-free results.

The test is performed on every bottle so consumers will exclusively enjoy the distinct taste of the drink. The known alcohol manufacturer, Jägermeister, is one of those that has been applying such technology in their production process.


The gas-liquid chromatography is advantageous to food and beverage, but it can also help save lives. The horrific Ebola virus, which caused death to thousands of lives during the outbreak, has brought anxiety to the public, especially in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea.

These are some of the areas that have been widely hit by the disease outbreak. Scientists have tried to fight the virus through gas-liquid chromatography and were able to identify the antibodies that were highly effective in neutralizing the virus.

The method played a significant role throughout the procedure. Since no formulated drugs seemed effective, its involvement was meaningful in developing the immunization and will still be used in the succeeding research projects.

Air And Water Pollution

When studying the environment, experts will have to scrutinize the level of pollution in air and water. They have used all sorts of tools and devices to create a comprehensive analysis and arrive at reliable results. Furthermore, gas-liquid chromatography has again become a useful technique to corroborate the tests’ findings.

This method has been one of the developments in chemistry that have tremendously helped the experts streamline their procedures and strengthen their reliability.

Detection Of Pesticides

Agricultural chemicals have made a significant impact on agriculture. Through the use of pesticides, crops are fully protected from potential diseases and pests. However, some substances may have successfully prevented the infection of diseases.

It can also be harmful to humans. Hence, there is legislation that limits the use of pesticides on agriculture products. The process of detection includes identifying the pesticides’ concentration through the gas-liquid chromatography technique.

It will require running a standard solution with pesticides at a particular concentration and comparing it with the sample.

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