CBD and Drug Tests: How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System?

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Cannabidiol is a popular hemp or marijuana extract that has plenty of health benefits. Most folks are taking CBD for health reasons ranging from anxiety disorder to chronic pain. Nonetheless, people who take CBD have their concerns. In some professions, such as law enforcement, drug tests are mandatory. For this reason, most people wonder if CBD will appear in drug test results. In this article, we will answer all of your questions concerning this topic.

CBD and Drug Tests

How long does CBD stay in your system?

When you take CBD, it stays in your body for about seven days. Therefore, it is important to stop taking CBD products a week before the drug test day. Why? Some CBD products have a detectable THC level, especially those that are derived from marijuana. Research shows that marijuana has higher levels of THC than hemp. That would suggest that the best source of CBD is the hemp plant. The problem is that you can’t tell where the CBD product you are taking came from. To be on the safe side, stop taking it 7-10 days before your drug test date.

Buy trusted brands

Another smart thing that you could do is purchase your CBD products from a reputable brand. Brands such as Cannaflower will sell you authentic CBD products. With the popularity of CBD products growing drastically, there are a lot of counterfeits in the market. Moreover, most of the CBD products sold on the backstreet are not pure. You don’t want to take a product with a lot of THC because this will appear in your drug test and cause unnecessary problems.

It helps to know that even professional athletes can take CBD products with the permission of a doctor. In such circumstances, athletes take CBD to help in fast recovery after a rigorous workout session. Those who suffer from anxiety also benefit from taking it. These are people who take drug tests frequently. As long as they adhere to their doctors’ measures, they never fail the drug test.

Other factors that determine how long CBD will stay in your system

If you take CBD products frequently, they will build up in your body after some time. For this reason, it is not wise to use CBD every other day. By using it occasionally, you can expect it to clear from your system much faster.

Taking CBD on an empty stomach will help your body expend it faster because it doesn’t go through the slow digestion process. But when you take it on a full stomach, it will metabolize slowly. This means it will stay longer in your system.

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If you’ve had some concerns about CBD and drug tests, we hope this article was helpful. Use the tips you have read in this piece, and you can use CBD without compromising your drug tests.

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